Street Justice? Angry Texas Mob Stones Gunman To Death

street justice

When a man opened fire in a Fort Worth neighborhood, killing one and wounding three, an angry Texas mob dished out some ‘street justice’… they stoned him to death.

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The incident occurred at around 12:50 a.m. on July 26 in the Como neighborhood of Fort Worth, Texas. A small gathering in the backyard of a neighbor turned into a dispute when one neighbor became upset and left. Then he came back with someone else. An argument ensued among the group. At that point the disgruntled person opened fire.

Street justice?

The crowd began chasing the shooter, who turn and fired into the crowd. The angry mob picked up stone pavers and threw them at the suspect.

Police said the group eventually caught up to the gunman. At that point, the gunman resumed firing at the crowd and hit at least two more people. One person died from their injuries at the scene.

“They either caught him, or he fell to the ground,” Carter said. “And at that time, he lost his life what we believe by stones. The ME is going to have to determine that.”

A handgun believed to be used by the gunman was found by police.


Fort Worth police were not in favor of the crowd’s reaction to the shooter, and advised people to let authorities handle it. Them chasing the shooter got one of them killed.

The same neighborhood had another shooting on Sunday as well, when a man was shot in the neck and went to the hospital before police arrived. Another incident on the 4th of July during a celebration turned deadly as well.

“It’s a great community. It’s an unfortunate incident. People have been very cooperative with detectives.”

-Tracy Carter, Fort Worth PD spokesperson

One long-time resident, Ella Burton, believes it’s a lack of programs for youth that caused the situation and wants some programs that were dumped reinstated. Another activist, Estrus Tucker said that neighbors need to do a much better job of ‘managing their anger,’ and that some of the new folks didn’t have as much caring about the neighborhood as the older residents. Whatever the answer, dishing out that “street justice” by a mob with a bunch of paving stones can be hazardous to everyone’s health.

The incident is still under investigation. no arrests have been made, but it’s still early.


Featured photo: screenshot of Twitter photo

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