Street Censors: Antifa Blocked Powell’s Bookstore from Selling Journalist’s Book

By Faye Higbee

Portland, Oregon: Journalist Andy Ngo wrote a book called: “Unmasked: Inside Antifa’s Radical Plan to Destroy Democracy.” He knows they are not a “theory,” it’s not an “idea,” it’s a reality. And these street censors do not want you or anyone else to know about their plans, so Antifa blocked Powell’s Bookstore from selling his book, which is only in their online catalog.

Protesters shouted and chanted “Stop selling Andy Ngo’s Book” at the store manager and others who wanted to go to the store.

You’d think Andy Ngo’s last name was “Trump.”

Screenshot of Antifa shouting at Powell’s bookstore manager

The street censors called Antifa

Powell’s Book store will not place Andy Ngo’s book on its shelves, and is only selling it via their online catalog (the coward’s approach). They were forced to shutdown several time when Antifa thugs accosted the store. There are several Powell’s Bookstore locations in Portland, with the flagship store in the downtown area. But Powell’s Bookstore has a cowardly streak:

Iconic Portland bookstore Powell’s Books announced that it would not place conservative journalist Andy Ngo’s new anti-antifa book on its store shelves after protesters gathered outside its flagship location.

“Unmasked by Andy Ngo came to us through an automatic data feed via one of our long-term and respected publishers, Hachette Book Group,” the store said in a statement. “We list the majority of their catalogue automatically, as do many other independent and larger retailers. We have a similar arrangement with other publishers.”

“This book will not be on our store shelves, and we will not promote it,” the statement continued. “That said, it will remain in our online catalogue. We carry books that we find anywhere from simply distasteful or badly written, to execrable, as well as those that we treasure. We believe it is the work of bookselling to do so.”

Washington Examiner

Antifa plans to “shutdown the store every day” until they stop selling Andy Ngo’s book.

When will America see that Antifa poses a threat? The Journalists like Andy Ngo and the others are on the ground (something mainstream media are too chicken to do) and have seen the destruction and experienced the violence that the group espouses. Yet politicians and officials blow them off as a “loose” group of malcontents. They are Anarchist-Communists whose plan to destroy America is real.

It appears that Powell’s Bookstore is learning the hard way that intimidation is one of their favorite tactics. Will Antifa choose to burn down the store in the near future?


Featured photo: screenshot of Antifa protest sign at Powell’s

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