Steve Dettelbach: Biden Nominates Obama’s Law School Classmate to Head ATF

Faye Higbee
Steve Dettelbach

Steve Dettelbach, the man Biden nominated to head the ATF, was once a classmate of Barack Obama at Harvard law school. He’s also anti-gun, and would be another disaster for the 2nd Amendment if confirmed. As you remember, Biden’s first attempt for the ATF director was David Chapman, who was also virulently anti-gun, even being on the board of Gifford’s anti-gun group. This one is just as bad- apparently the Biden administration didn’t learn their lesson the first time.

As we emerge from this pandemic, we’ve got to recognize that many Americans still face fear and isolation, not because of a virus but because of an epidemic of firearms violence. It’s not a new problem, and it has many causes. That’s why it’s going to take an all hands on deck partnership approach to address that issue and the ATF will be there.”

Steve Dettelbach (The Hill)

The Biden administration claims that Dettelbach should be “non-controversial” because he worked with law enforcement. So did David Chapman. It’s Dettelbach’s controversial political stance that is at issue. Dettelbach served as counsel to the Senate Judiciary Committee under former Chairman Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.). He also served as US Attorney for the District of Ohio in 2009 for 7 years. But he is all for a ban on ‘assault weapons’ and yes, “ghost guns.”

In 2018, Democrat Steve Dettelbach campaigned for Ohio Attorney General and lost. As outlets stated that Dettelbach “called for background checks on firearms purchases.” There is already a FEDERAL requirement for background checks on firearms purchases, even from FFL holders at gun shows. Private gun sales were not counted until the Biden administration went after “rogue gun dealers.”

The ATF raid on the home of an Amish Farmer, Reuben King, for selling a few guns to his friends and the resulting claim that he is a “rogue gun dealer who didn’t have an FFL” was an egregious overreach by the Feds. Would such things continue under Dettelbach? He campaigned for a return to the 1994 ‘Assault Weapons Ban’ during his run for Ohio Attorney General.

Congress needs to do its job by passing this budget and other essential legislation to reduce gun crime, including legislation to require background checks for all gun sales, ensure that no terrorist can buy a weapon in the United States, ban the sale and possession of unserialized firearms — ghost guns, ban assault weapons and high-capacity magazines, and repeal gun manufacturers’ protection from liability.

White House Fact Sheet

The ATF has been unable to get a Director through the Senate since 2013.


Featured screenshot of Dettelbach via YouTube

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