Stabbing an Audition for ISIS? (Video)

By Faye Higbee

Was this stabbing an audition for ISIS?

A jihadist arrested in June for plotting to blow up Times Square  has been identified by police as a person of interest in the stabbing of a young boy. Police believe his action may have been a stabbing audition for ISIS.

The knife attack

On January 9, 2015, a 9 year old boy named Jermaine Culver was walking to school in the Mariners Harbor area of Staten Island. Suddenly, he was attacked by an unknown assailant who stabbed him in the neck. Jermaine was able to run away at the time.

Police spent months trying to come up with a suspect. Now, it’s possible they’ve found him: Fareed Mumuni, 20, who lived just 600 yards from Culver at the time.

Jermaine survived the vicious attack, but was so afraid of going outside in the same area, that his mother sent him to live with a relative.

The trail of an Islamic terrorist

Mumuni was arrested in June, after he tried to plunge a knife into the chest of a Federal Agent who was serving a search warrant at his home. He was charged with plotting to blow up Times Square in New York City along with three other ISIS supporters.

a stabbing audition

Fareed Mumuni and the knife he allegedly used to try to stab the Federal Agent.

The New York Post reported,

Mumuni, court documents say, “espouses violent jihadist beliefs.” He allegedly told authorities that he had pledged allegiance to ISIS and that if he failed to join the group in the Mideast, he planned to attack law enforcement.

Investigators believe that if Mumuni was the man who knifed Jermaine, the attack could have been Mumuni’s audition for the ISIS, the bloodthirsty terror group that has released a series of videos of hostage decapitations.

Access denied so far

Police would like to speak to Mumuni, but thus far Federal authorities have declined their requests.  His physique is similar to the attacker, and his proximity to Culver and the knife are also factors in him being a person of interest. It may be circumstantial evidence, but is a logical conclusion.

This is the video of the attack on Jermaine Culver.