St Joseph’s Professor: “People will die” Because of Trump’s Election

By Faye Higbee

Philadelphia, PA – Fox reported that David Parry, a St.Joseph’s professor, told students at a forum that people will die as a result of white Trump voters, particularly if they make over $50,000 a year. Parry is the Communications Studies Chair, and teaches future journalists.

“I am not sympathetic to white voters who make over $50,000 a year and said that ‘We are going to vote for Trump.’ Those people I am not sympathetic to and I do not believe that you have to open your heart to them. If you a person of color in this room, if you are a woman in this room, you do not have to open your heart to them.”

“People are going to die because of what happened [Trump’s election]. And if we don’t start there we cannot have a conversation.” Prof David Parry

What does that mean, exactly? Is he jealous of people who make more money than he does? Does he think that Trump will kill people?  What?

Though St Joseph’s [a Catholic school] did not respond to Fox News with a comment, they did release the following statement. They stated that since his remarks were not part of an actual class, they would not do anything about them.

Saint Joseph’s University, as an institution of higher education, is fundamentally committed to free speech and the exchange of ideas. As part of that commitment, prior to the presidential election, the University scheduled an open forum to be held on November 10. Students, faculty, staff, guests and all points of view were welcomed at the event.

At the forum, select comments made by Dr. David Parry, Associate Professor of Communications Studies, were audio recorded and recently posted on social media. No one, including Dr. Parry, spoke on behalf of the University at the forum, which was not part of any class. Dr. Parry’s comments were subsequently picked up by additional media outlets.

Fostering a safe learning environment is one of the University’s primary obligations. Freedom of expression is integral to this effort. The University does expect respectful dialogue at all times and opposes any form of intolerance. This always has been and will remain a central principle at Saint Joseph’s University.

The University’s response is a total cop out. Mr Parry’s statements were not “respectful” in any sense, nor did they reflect “tolerance.”

Jesse Watters of Watters’ World asked several students what they thought of his remarks, and by and large most of them did not agree with the professor. Parry refused to engage Watters when confronted.

Do you think the University should do something about this professor?