South Jacksonville, IL Declares Itself 2nd Amendment Sanctuary

Faye Higbee
south jacksonville

On July 4th, the village of South Jacksonville, Illinois declared itself a 2nd amendment sanctuary. It joins nearly 2000 other communities and states in the move. On hand for the signing were local law enforcement officials, a former business owner, and Village Mayor Tyson Manker. Though largely symbolic, it’s a symbol that the Biden administration should not ignore. 

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State Representative C.D. Davidsmeyer, Morgan County Sheriff Mike Carmody, Morgan County Sheriff’s Deputy and Murrayville Police Chief Derek Suttles, South Jacksonville Police Chief Eric Hansell, Village Trustees John Stewart and Mike Broaddus, and former retail gun store owner Tom Holmes on hand for what Manker has characterized as a “symbolic declaration” of protecting the U.S. Constitution’s 2nd Amendment…

Holmes decided to close his business after the state passed new gun laws that tightened regulation on retail gun stores. Manker says the ending of Holmes’ business should have never happened: “Over-burdensome gun laws made it too restrictive for him to carry on business. If we don’t stand up to those types of activities that often come from the more progressive-minded wing of our government, then we are going to end up in a bad place. What happened to Mr. Holmes and his stores should have never happened, and yet it did. Here in South Jacksonville, we are taking a stand for Second Amendment rights.”…

“Making regular activities of normal, American citizens criminal, that’s a problem. We are certainly at an important moment in our American history, but I can assure everyone, including the people of South Jacksonville, and including the federal government that here in South Jacksonville, we believe in the right to bear arms, and the local government will take active measures to protect those who live here, to protect their right to bear arms.”
The local law enforcement of South Jacksonville stood by the leaders of the town in the signing of the 2nd amendment sanctuary. (Screenshot)

The former retail gun store owner is one aspect of this declaration. The Firearms Dealer License Certification Act put many local small gun dealers out of business, according to Bearing Arms. The declaration states that no taxpayer money can be used for gun confiscation.

As of this writing, over 61% of the counties in America are 2nd amendment sanctuaries, and others have passed legislation declaring themselves Constitutional sanctuaries. With the addition of small communities like South Jacksonville, IL, that number is growing.

Biden’s gun control push could lead to disaster for Democrats in the 2022 midterms.


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