Some Critical Military Personnel Move to Cheyenne Mountain

By Faye Higbee

It’s not Ra and his alien friends trying to invade the earth through the Stargate, it’s a nasty little microbe called COVID-19. And as of the end of March, some critical military personnel moved themselves to NORAD inside Cheyenne Mountain in an effort to make sure they are isolated from the virus. It’s protection to make sure the US can defend itself against our enemies.

“To ensure that we can defend the homeland despite this pandemic, our command and control watch teams here in the headquarters split into multiple shifts and portions of our watch team began working from Cheyenne Mountain Air Force Station, creating a third team at an alternate location as well.

Our dedicated professionals of the NORAD and NORTHCOM command and control watch have left their homes, said goodbye to their families and are isolated from everyone to ensure that they can stand the watch each and every day to defend our homeland. It’s certainly not optimal, but it’s absolutely necessary and appropriate given the situation.” Air Force Gen. Terrence O’Shaughnessy, NORAD and NORTHCOM commander (TheWire)

It’s a sobering thought to know that our military has moved its critical personnel to various places. Denver’s CBS local reported,

The strategy of having critical military personnel now work only in pre-specified zones and work in shifts is being replicated in other critical facilities including the Pentagon. Milley and Defense Secretary Mark Esper have been public for weeks about how much they are limiting contact with their own staffs, and not allowing large meetings inside the Pentagon. The numbers of workers coming to the Pentagon has been cut down by well over half.

But deep concern remains that they avoid a significant outbreak among those left. Pentagon leaders privately are adamant they don’t want to have to shutter the doors, something that did not even happen on the day of the Sept. 11 attacks….

…All units involved in nuclear weapons operations are also taking specific precautions. Intercontinental ballistic missile crews are rotating to specifically ensure there is always a “clean team” that can take over if others are sick. Crews of submarines carrying nuclear missiles are isolating for several days before heading out into open ocean to ensure they are all healthy for their lengthy sea patrols. And with a jump in virus cases in Louisiana, there is fresh concern about isolating critical B-52 bomber crews at Barksdale Air Force Base, officials say.

There are numerous steps being taken across the military to make sure the United States stays protected at this time.  They aren’t just recommending masks to slow the spread of COVID-19; they’re taking concrete measures across the board, splitting up the “Team,” as it were to make sure everything is covered.

The following video explains some of the features of Cheyenne Mountain, including the blast doors designed to protect the facility in case of nuclear attack. Don’t worry, there isn’t any classified information in the video. We don’t think…

Featured Photo: NORAD


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