Soldiers Murdered at Fort Stewart, Suspect in Custody

By Faye Higbee

Hinesville, Georgia –  Sgt Shaquille Craig, 24, was arrested on Thursday, and is facing two counts of murder after a personal squabble went horribly wrong. Both victims and suspect were soldiers at Fort Stewart.

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Shaquille Craig – Mugshot


Spc. Marquez Brown, 23,and Pvt. Malika Jackson, 21, both males, were found dead in an off base apartment on Sunday. Brown had a large knife stuck in his neck, and both of them had been shot.

WXIA reported,

An autopsy on two Fort Stewart soldiers who were found dead on Sunday shows both died from gunshot wounds.

The bodies of Malika Jackson, 21, and Marquez Brown, 23, were found in a Hinesville townhome after an anonymous tip prompted police to respond to the residence.

According to the incident’s police report, officers found the soldiers lying on the floor of the residence in a pool of blood. The report also said one of the soldiers had a large knife in his throat with his head resting against the other subject.

However, Hinesville detective Capt. Chris Reid said both men died as a result of wounds sustained by gunfire.

According to WXIA, police believe the murders occurred after a personal issue between Craig and Jackson. A party had been held at the apartment on Saturday night, but both victims were seen alive the next morning. Brown reportedly was “in the wrong place at the wrong time.”

Police were led to the bodies by tips to the Atlanta police department. There were no signs of a struggle and no illegal activity was noted at the apartment. reported,

Brown, a wheeled-vehicle driver, joined the Army in October 2014 and arrived at Fort Stewart in April 2016.

Jackson, an automated logistics specialist, joined the Army in May 2016 and arrived at Fort Stewart in October.

Both were assigned to the 2nd Infantry Brigade combat team of the 3rd Infantry Division.

Craig is being held at Liberty County Jail with no bond. His first appearance at court was to be on Friday.