Soft Side of the 2nd Amendment Will Lead to Its Demise

By Rick Ferran

Why does the American 2nd amendment supporter have to deal with any gun control infringement? Because if you teach the society that the 2A is for hunting, home self defense, or anything but what it was really meant for, the gun grabbers will continue pushing for more gun control.

“Why do you need a full automatic?” “You must have a license, and register your guns.” “You don’t need more than 10 rounds.” Since the 2nd amendment industry has promoted the soft side of the right to bear arms for so long, people have forgotten what the right to bear arms is actually for.

Don’t boast about having the 2nd when we haven’t done anything with it. We didn’t do anything when the left weaponized the IRS against conservatives. We’ve done nothing while the left promotes socialism and communism. We stand idly by when the left attacks our country’s symbols and our veterans.

We’ve done nothing when the left takes down statues, when the left silences us and censors us. We do nothing when the left attacks second amendment supporting businesses, gun producers, manufacturers, buyers.  We have done nothing while the left commits voter fraud, when the left assassinates the opposition, when the left sends billions to our enemies, when the left pushes for gun confiscation. We’ve done nothing while the left pegs us all as “domestic terrorists” while the real domestic terrorists get away with violence against us.

I could go on and on, but it’s tiresome knowing there are so many reasons for the 2nd amendment community to actually do what it was meant to do. So we wait. We wait because having the guns and ammo sitting around gives us all a sense of false security – until we come home one day from work and all of our guns and ammo are gone because our leftist neighbor called in to report that we are a ‘dangerous right winger.’

Are we waiting for some guy to ride a horse through town yelling that the war is about to start? Hate to break it to you, but it started some time ago now.