Sixlight- 3 Marine Veterans, 2 Civilians, Music in Their Veins

By Faye Higbee

The rock band Sixlight has 5 founding members, 3 of them US Marine Corps veterans. There is music in their veins, and the Corps brotherhood has translated itself from Camp LeJeune to the stage, plus two civilians. They have a new single recording they want everyone to hear: “Sick Again.” The song carries an important message.

Nicholas Tekampe -Vocals (Sgt. USMC) + Curtis Martin – Rhythm Guitar (Sgt. USMC) + Ian Collins – Lead Guitar (Cpl. USMC) + Robert Phipps – Bass Guitar and + Travis Sharp – Drums.


The band’s lead singer, Nick Tekampe, says they have been working together for a little over a year and have already come out with their first recording.

Lead singer Nick Tekampe

Nicholas and Ian met at Camp Lejeune, one was a linguist and one a mechanic. They met Curtis during a deployment with 26 MEU for the Global Readiness Task Force (GRTF). Aboard the USS Kearsarge, which took them to various places such as Spain, Israel, Jordan, Djibouti, they formed a bond over music.

“I got to see places I never thought I’d see.” Nicholas Tekampe

All three, Nicholas, Curtis, and Ian got out of the Corps in 2014 at about the same time.

Nicholas told us he’d do it again. One of the other Marine band members piped up in the background on our call and said “I wouldn’t.”  They all laughed.

By 2016, they had found the exceptional talent of drummer Travis Sharp and Base Guitarist Robert Phipps to round out their Sixlight music team. They were looking to navigate the competitive music world with a unique sound of their own. They found one:

Sixlight’s single music video “Sick Again”

“We tried to keep everyone in mind who has experienced hardships in their lives…We came up with the context of the song that when people are addicted to a substance or abusive relationship it’s a struggle to get free. They keep going back to the struggle.We wanted it to appeal to a wider audience, so they can hear the words and will be able to relate it to their own lives.” Nick

Sick Again is available on iTunes, Spotify, and YouTube.


The band has performed in numerous venues since forming. They were honored with being able to open for “Drowning Pool” in Raleigh, North Carolina. One major break came with a write-up in Rock Music’s Revolver Magazine.

They’ll be in Fayetteville at the Drunk Horse Pub on Saturday night, January 14. You can get tickets to any of their performances at their website. Follow them on Twitter @SixlightMusic and Facebook.