Silence of Mainstream Media confirms Gun-Control agenda

By Instructor Craig

What could have been another tragic school shooting was stopped dead in its tracks by an armed school resource officer in Great Mills, Maryland this morning.  Although media outlets such as the NY Times, CNN, MSNBC and USA today all wrote articles on this shooting, for some reason they left out their biased gun grabbing agenda.

They also have failed to report on this shooting in any major way.  Why is that?  Well let’s see, the horrific, evil shooter used a handgun to perpetrate his crime, so that wasn’t on par with the idea of an assault weapons ban. Secondly, the assault was ended by none other than, a good guy with a gun.  Both of these facts are extremely unfortunate for the left’s, anti-liberty narrative.

Because of the coward cop in Parkland not doing his job, the narrative rang out “A good guy with a gun will do nothing to stop a school shooting.”  Well, this good guy with a gun, SRO Blaine Gaskill, was brave, stopped the shooter, and is a hero.

The child activist puppet pawns of the Leftist Elite tweeted:

I have major problems with this. Emma, how exactly are you going to stop this from ever happening again? Your agenda has been made clear that you do not believe securing schools or arming staff will work.  Your only agenda is what is being handed down to you from the leftist elites, and that is to restrict the 2nd amendment, specifically the AR-15. Seems to me the opposite has been proven to be true once again.

The real solution is to secure our schools because THAT is what works, as we saw today. But, you don’t really care about a solution do you? You care about an agenda and you care about fame.

Jaclyn:  The state of our country IS disgusting.  It is disgusting that people like you, who have been blessed with a spotlight to ignite change, abuse that opportunity.  You, and your puppet peers, have sold your morality for an agenda, and your innocence for fame. You have all ignored the fact that securing our schools, and addressing mental health is the true path to saving our children’s lives, as we saw from today’s attempted shooting. This abuse of the stage handed to you on a silver platter IS INDEED, disgusting, shameful and vile, and you, and your parents should be ashamed of yourselves.

The mainstream media has gone all in against the AR-15.  Stating that the AR-15 is the weapon of choice by all mass shooters, is a weapon of war, and has no place in our society. Well, this shooting tends to point to the opposite theory:  That we have a mental health problem in this country, and we need to secure our schools.

First, rifles are used far less often in mass shootings than handguns are according to statista and Mother Jones.  It is important to note that this also is showing ALL rifles used not just AR-15’s, so the number of times that the AR-15 was used in a mass shooting is actually lower than what is shown here.

Bottom line:The AR-15 is the best defense the people of this nation have against tyranny.  The left wants that defense to be removed so that government will have absolute control and freedom to oppress its people. That is why they push the false narrative.  That is why they ignore stories like today’s school shooting, that was carried out by a crazy person with a pistol. It does not progress the disarmament of the American people.

Secondly, the majority of mass shooters either had prior mental health issues OR it was unclear whether or not they did according to the same source.  So let’s not pretend that a gun ban will solve this issue.

Leftists, liberals and Democrats – we see through your disinformation and your biased agenda.  It is transparent.  You all care more about the agenda than you do about solving the problem at hand and saving children’s lives.  Your silence on this incident in Maryland has made that perfectly clear.  As you call into question the morality of those who do not agree with your agenda, YOUR immorality shows. We see what you really want, and to that we say “Molon Labe.”