Shut Up, America! Portland Schools Ban Books Questioning Climate Change

Shut Up, America! Portland Schools Ban Books Questioning Climate Change

Dissent is not allowed in today’s politically correct left-wing nation. The liberals will use anything at all to condemn dissenting opinions. Portland school district has banned any books in their system that question the pseudo-science called climate change.

The push was led by Mike Rosen, who is also leads a program for environmental curriculum standards. He reportedly “put his work on hold.”

Portland School Board – Screenshot of Portland School Board meeting May 17 via Portland Tribune

The “language of doubt”

One student testified that she felt it was unacceptable for any books to be in the library that expressed “doubt” that climate change was man-made.

“It is unacceptable that we have textbooks in our schools that spread doubt about the human causes and urgency of the crisis. Climate education is not a niche or a specialization, it is the minimum requirement for my generation to be successful in our changing world.” Gaby Lemieux, Portland high school student

The party line is so entrenched in these kids that it will never be removed. They believe a lie, and there will be no way to change it.

Yes, America, Climate Change is a religion.


When parents complain about books for their children, many times nothing is done about them.  In fact, Portland schools actually have a “Banned Book Week,” where they have “important discussions” about censorship and encourage students to read  books that were banned in years past. Bet you money they won’t do that for these books.



Censorship and intimidation

The concept of “free-thinking” is dead. The concept of imagination is dead. Truth is dead.

So we have schools who fire people if they don’t want men in the women’s bathrooms. Even if they are well-liked and have been there for years, dissent means the axe.

You can’t say anything against Muslims or gays, or transgenders that they don’t like. Don’t say anything, if you do we’ll brow-beat you, sue you and tell everyone how evil you are. You won’t be able to even get on an airplane because we’ll make YOU look like the terrorist.

Schools have banned the American flags or US Marine symbols from student’s T-shirts. They ban students for free thinking and imagination all the time. (Unless they’re a Muslim kid who makes a bo–clock.)

There is no free dialogue in America. With this passage of book censorship, Portland has proven that they are the nazis in disguise.  What’s next, banning AND burning?


Nazi book burning – Opemplatz, Berlin, Germany 1933