Shots Fired at Soldiers during Training at Camp Shelby

By Faye Higbee

WDAM reported that two suspects opened fire on soldiers at the Camp Shelby Joint Forces Training Center near Hattiesburg, Mississippi on Tuesday. No injuries were reported in the incident, which took place shortly after 12:10 p.m.

camp shelby

Shots fired, suspects in custody

Shots were fired at a group of soldiers who were training at the facility. It is believed the shots came from a vehicle as it drove by the military base. Authorities began searching for a 2 door red Ford Ranger pickup with the words “broken arrow” on the windshield.

The suspects were described as two white males.

The vehicle was located at a trailer near New Augusta, Georgia.  Perry County Officials stated that two men are in custody regarding the incident, but their names have not been released. They have not yet been charged.

Perry County authorities are taking the lead in the investigation, with Forrest County assisting.

Fox News wrote:

Lt. Col Dierdre Smith at Camp Shelby public affairs told Fox News Tuesday afternoon she “can’t confirm or deny anything,” but that about 4,500 soldiers are conducting a large training exercise at Camp Shelby this week.

Could this incident have been a ploy to sabotage the training? Was it a poorly planned terror attack? Or did it have another purpose? Did someone have a panic at seeing so many soldiers? Was it just a random act of stupidity?

Conducting “field hearings”

The training exercise includes active duty, reserve, and national guard units. In attendance at the training session are supposed to be members of the National Commission on the Future of the Army.  It was created in NDAA 2015 to “study the restructuring  of the Army and its guard,” as well as” reserve components that need to meet future… declining budgets.” The Commission is there to conduct a “field hearings” during the training exercise.

Mississippi welcomes the commission to see firsthand that Mississippi’s National Guard units, including the 155th Armored Brigade Combat Team, are some of the most modernized and well-trained units across the entire National Guard.  We’re proud of our Guard, this base and its long history of helping to ensure that our servicemen and women are well trained and prepared to meet new and evolving threats to our national security.” Sen. Thad Cochran, (R-MS)

Police do not yet know the motive for the shots fired, but are continuing to investigate.