Shooting Rampage at Munich Shopping Mall – Multiple Casualties

By Faye Higbee

Shooting Rampage at Munich Shopping Mall – Multiple Casualties

A gunman opened fire at the crowded Olympia shopping mall in Munich on Friday, with reports of at least 1 death, and 10 injured. People fled as shots rang out, and police responded to the scene.

This video shows the moment a gunman opened fire:


The mall was evacuated and districts around the area sealed off.

The incident occurred at 6 p.m. local time. The shooting incident was declared finished, but police stated that a “large police operation” was in progress, and that the scene was “still active.”

Shooting rampage

Students and shoppers were advised by Munich Police to avoid the mall area “for their own safety.”

Translation: “At the moment we have a large police operation at the Olympia shopping centre. Please avoid the area around the centre.”


Police stand in teams to secure mall -Twitter photo via @TwitterMoments


Twitter Photo Munich Mall shooting via @TMZmoviefans

Police have been on alert since the knife attack on a German train recently. They were warned to expect more attacks.

The German newspaper Sudduetsche Zeitung has been reporting that there are multiple deaths, not just one, but that report is unconfirmed at this time. Original reports claimed at least 15 casualties.

The perpetrator at this point has not been revealed, nor do we know if he is at large or dead. Information is scarce on the suspect at this point.