Sheriff Runs Afoul of Far Left Liberals over Uncle Sam’s Meme

By Faye Higbee

Neal Rohlfing is the Sheriff of Monroe County, Illinois. He happens to be a man who believes strongly in his oath to defend the Constitution and the rights of all people in his county. But there were a couple of “far left liberals” who began making his life miserable when he innocently shared a meme created by Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children.


Immediately, he started getting hit with the left wingers who absolutely hate Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children.


“Your promotion of right wing propaganda pages is ugly and embarrassing. An elected official should have more respect for his constituency.”

(That person is not in his “constituency,” just sayin’.)

Then there was this one: “This is deplorable. Please explain how you can enforce the law for all people if you follow hate groups and reshare their memes.”

(That lady was not in his constituency either.)

Here are some examples of the interactions:sheriffconversation1

Apparently these two people have no clue as to the actual practice of the Constitution. To his credit, he refused to delete the post, standing firm on his own right to free speech.

As Sheriff Rohlfing told us, the far left  tends to tell everyone what they should say, and use a bunch of left wing rhetoric in doing so. But he took an oath to defend the Constitutional rights of everyone, and he means it.

He at one point had to remind one of them that Islam was a religion, not a race. But the conversation began to wear thin as they kept at him. It was a personal page, not the Sheriff’s Department page.


As the Sheriff told us, “disagreeing with someone does not mean they hate that person. In America there is room for opinions, but the left seems to delight in shutting down anyone who disagrees with them.”

Sheriff Rohlfing is a 16 year law enforcement veteran. He has worked in every area of police work from Patrol to Investigations, and has worked both in rural areas like Monroe County, and big cities like East St. Louis. As he put it, “this isn’t my first rodeo.”

Just for drill here, Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children is not a hate group, nor are we racist. We ARE Constitutional Conservatives, and we do make fun of liberals on a daily basis. The Bill of Rights is for everyone, including us.

The Sheriff was brave to engage them. Personally I’m proud of his measured responses, his calm demeanor even after he was fed up. He is an excellent Sheriff, a true oath keeper, and his county can trust him to make solid decisions.

But for me, I follow this rule:

“Never argue with someone who is willing to defend a lie.” Outlaw Morgan