SF Veteran Kiefer Luttrell Releases New Music

Kiefer Luttrell
Kiefer Luttrell is a new artist in Americana and folk music. Check out his new song American Morning at Amazon, Spotify, and Apple Music!

Today, new artist Kiefer Luttrell releases his first track, American Morning. Kiefer Luttrell, nicknamed the Midwestern Hemingway, is a new voice in Americana and folk music. This former Army Special Forces Engineer from Iola, Kansas, turned singer/songwriter is releasing his first recording today. He describes his sound as smooth and easy. And when you hear it, you’ll agree: the melodies roll along like watching old barbed wire fences on the roadside; the lyrics are deeply personal but appreciate the experiences in small towns across the country.

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Kiefer Luttrell, Midwestern Hemingway

What sets Kiefer apart is the self-reflection in the music. His music tells his stories. Whether it is reminiscing for a simpler life or telling the struggle of a combat veteran trying to find his place in the civilian world, Kiefer’s music more than relates: it leaves you thinking about what you heard or lost in your own thoughts.

Think of Townes Van Zandt, John Prine, Jason Isbell, or Jeffrey Foucault. Their music describes the ups, the downs, the struggles, and the victories of life. The music is the same whether it’s in a recording studio, a bar, or on a stage. It’s reflective and thoughtful. When he started playing, Kiefer took the monicker “Midwestern Hemingway.” In many ways, the music of Kiefer Luttrell will also remind you of Ernest Hemingway: simple and forthright, but full of profoundly personal discovery to both the singer and the listener.

Kiefer Luttrell American Morning Midwestern Hemingway
Kiefer’s music is inspired by his small-town upbringing. His ups, downs, family, and military background shaped his lyrics and sound.

Singer, Songwriter, Green Beret

Since he was young, Nashville was Kiefer’s goal. Life as a factory worker was not for him; he had talent and the bold spirit inspired by Hemingway’s adventures. With the plan to go to Nashville and start his music career, Kiefer ended up in a recruiting station. He wanted to become an airframe mechanic, but the recruiter riffed all the best reasons to enlist under a Special Forces contract. Then, in 2012, at age 20, he was headed off to basic training.

Within three years, Kiefer earned his Green Beret. He deployed three times to Turkey, Syria and Jordan, and Qatar. These deployments came alongside the ISIS blitz across the Middle East. As he worked with small teams and trained foreign assets, he developed the bond of brotherhood and trust that only vets experience and understand.

Kiefer Luttrell American Morning Midwestern Hemingway
Back in the ole SF days, Kiefer and Ma Deuce would lay down a sick beat on tour across the Middle East.

When he left the military, he lost that bond of brotherhood. Between college and work, he lost the identity he knew in the Special Forces. After internalizing his disconnect with civilian life, he turned back to his music and decided to take the chance with music once more.

The next step for his budding career as a country singer relies on the fans. You can check his music out on Amazon, Apple Music, and Spotify. Kiefer is also on Instagram, and his website, www.kieferluttrell.com. So get the music, get in the car, and give American Morning a listen while you’re chasing that long white line on the road. Keep following his media for more releases through Fall 2021!


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