Sexual Assault by Muslims on 5 Yr Old Girl in Idaho

Faye Higbee

Sexual Assault by Muslims on 5 Yr Old Girl in Idaho

Three Muslim refugee minors are accused of assaulting a 5 year old girl in Twin Falls, Idaho. Since all of the persons involved are minors, the names are sealed by the court. KMVT confirmed that Twin Falls Police were investigating, but police declined to comment.

Are they, too trying to sweep this under the rug of political correctness?


On June 2, a 5 year old special needs girl was playing outside her home at the Fawnbrook Apartments in Twin Falls, Idaho. She was approached by 3 Muslim refugee boys from two refugee families, who took her at knife-point into the shared laundry facility of the apartment complex.

sexual assault

There she was sexually assaulted and the boys allegedly urinated in her mouth and over her body as they pinned her down.

According to Dr Rich Sweier, a “trusted neighbor” found the girl. Her clothes had been stripped off. The boys were naked, and the oldest one held a cell phone in which he had allegedly videotaped the incident.

Intimidation begins

The neighbor alerted the parents, who came and took the girl home. The burka-clad mother of one of the boys immediately came to the victim’s apartment, and supposedly told her “No police. Everything ok.”

The alleged mother of one of the suspects. Photo via Dr Rich Swier

But everything NOT ok. A young child was severely violated, and now faces a lifetime of emotional difficulties. So no, it’s NOT OK.

The father had custody of the cell phone and gave it to the police, who arrived 2.5 hours later.

When the father of one of the boys came to the scene, he “high-fived” his son, according to witnesses, which further inflamed the situation.

Allegedly older boys of “Middle Eastern Descent” threatened the victim’s mother and told her they would come after her if she pursued this with police.

The 2 oldest boys were taken into custody on June 18. Because they are juveniles, they likely won’t remain there.  And since neither the refugees nor the victim’s family have  a lot of money, they will likely be stuck living in the same place as before, facing the same danger.

The liberal narrative

Police aren’t talking other than to confirm the investigation. Snopes is desperately trying to preserve the liberal narrative by saying this incident is mostly false because it didn’t involve rape or death. They also declared it wasn’t “Syrian refugees.”  But they do admit that something heinous occurred.

That’s ok,  a Muslim refugee from Uzbekistan was sentenced to 25 years in prison back in January for a terrorist plot. Whether it’s Somalia, Uzbekistan, Iraq or Syria, Muslim refugees are a problem for communities.

Outrage in the community

Even though in all incidents there is the usual hysteria and anger that you have to sort through to find the truth, this one has totally upset the community of Twin Falls, Idaho.

One citizen went to the June 13 City Council Meeting to complain about the police department’s lack of information to the community regarding the crimes perpetrated by Muslims. They have seen the TV reports from Europe, the attacks in San Bernardino and Orlando, and they are concerned about the Muslim refugees in their city.

The council played dumb, citing that they hadn’t heard of any incidents such as this one, and that they wouldn’t normally hear about it anyway.

“If this is just hearsay going through the community and there’s no police report, then…” Twin Falls City Councilman

There’s a police report, sir. Two arrests were made. But the fact is that city councils who are vulnerable to the agenda of jihadists are ripe for disaster.

Will they continue to tolerate things like being spit on by Muslim women, or hit and run accidents perpetrated by Muslims? Hopefully not after a 5 year old little girl was violated.


Treasure Valley Refugee Facts wrote,

January 25, 2016 The U.S. state department has shipped more than 11,000 refugees directly from the third world to Idaho since the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.
Jan 7, 2016
Idaho: Muslim Refugee Gets 25 Years for July 4th Boise Terror Plot

Just in the past year, 989 refugees have arrived in the rural state, most of them landing in either Boise or Twin Falls.

Nearly half have come from some of the world’s nastiest jihadist hot zones, including 95 from Iraq, 94 from Somalia, 47 from Sudan, 39 from Afghanistan, 31 from Iran, 28 from Syria and 11 from Pakistan…