Senator Harry Reid announces he’s done at the end of his term

By Faye Higbee

Senate Minority leader Harry Reid announced on Friday that he will not seek a sixth term as the Senator from Nevada. In a soapy video released on Youtube and Twitter, he stated that the decision not run again had “nothing to do with my injury.”

You’ll recall that he sustained an exercise accident on New Year’s Day that took the vision in his right eye.

harry reid

The agenda

Even in this action there is an agenda. He said that he wanted the Democratic party to use the resources they’d have thrown toward his reelection to take back the Senate. Let that soak in for a minute. He’s right – now the Democrats will sink millions into campaigns in other states more critical than Nevada.

It will also likely touch off a power struggle between Charles Schumer (D-NY) and  Dick Durbin (D-IL), who have been his right hand men in the Senate.

Over the decades of his term, Reid is responsible for bringing a more diversified money base into Nevada – wind and solar power, rather than gambling and tourism. Of course it was at the expense of long time residents- ranchers and farmers whose presence on the land posed a problem for the Senator’s plans. His open hatred for Nevada ranchers like Cliven Bundy even to calling they and their supporters “domestic  terrorists” was well documented.

As the parties begin- a warning

Reid made a comment directed toward Mitch McConnell, Senate Majority leader

“Don’t be too elated. I am going to be here for 22 months … doing the same thing I’ve done since I first came to the Senate.”

And therein lies the difficulty- as with Obama, that last months of this particular liberal’s term could be the worst of all for actions that drive stakes through the heart of America’s remaining freedoms. He will most assuredly use all the weight of his power to pressure Senate Democrats to continue his agenda to stonewall any Republican -particularly Conservative- actions.



Even though he is reportedly Mormon, Reid has championed abortions, gay marriage, the Obama platform of amnesty, and Obamacare (among other things). He has been a conduit for division in a Congress that has blocked Conservative legislation on every side, both in the US Congress, and his own state of Nevada. He became the most powerful senator , and wielded his power without apology.

Why is he leaving now?

“I have had time to ponder and to think. We’ve got to be more concerned about the country, the Senate, the state of Nevada than ourselves. And as a result of that I’m not going to run for re-election.” Harry Reid

Reid has wielded power in the Senate since his election in 1986. But it was not until Obama took over as President that his power was cemented. Republicans are not going to be sorry to see him go, but we must remain wary.