SecDef James Mattis: Working to Make a Better Iran Nuke Deal

By Faye Higbee

As Iran’s jihadists railed against the United States, shouting “Death to America,” and liberals/Europe threw temper tantrums after learning that Trump pulled out of the Iran deal, there are a couple of things to consider: 1) the Trump administration is all about getting better deals, and 2) Iran has been shouting “Death to America¬† since 1979. SecDef James Mattis told the Senate Armed Services Committee on Wednesday about 5 things that have to be in any new agreement with Iran.

He said that they will be working to “bring Iran back to more responsible behavior.” The five things he spoke of were:

“The nuclear issue, which is foremost; certainly the terrorism issue that I just cited; the ballistic missile efforts they have; cyber-attacks they’ve been conducting; and then the threats to international commerce, whether it be out of the Red Sea, where we have seen it most recently, or back up in the Persian Gulf, where it has relented over the past several months.” SecDef Mattis

He told the legislators that the reason the US walked away from the JCPOA is because it was found “inadequate for the long term efffort.”

CNS News reported,

“Mattis said the decision to reimpose sanctions on Iran was not a hasty decision. By scrapping the deal, the U.S. now has the opportunity to “move forward to address those shortcomings and make it more compelling. And so that effort is already under way with the secretary of state, secretary of the treasury and others working the issue,” Mattis”

While the President complained of the bad deal even before he occupied the White House, he did not make the decision to pull out without input from his military and civilian advisors.

This administration is most certainly not negotiating out of fear or political correctness, or the need to placate Muslims. They negotiate out of strength.

The two hour Senate testimony Wednesday was over the NDAA budget requests, and Marine General Joseph Dunford, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, testified along with Mattis.