Seattle Compromise: Replacing Temp Barricades with Concrete Ones

Is insurrection now just fine in Seattle? The Seattle compromise after negotiations with CHAZ (now being called “CHOP”) is that they will reduce the amount of property that the anarchists have commandeered to just three city blocks, but will put up concrete barricades instead of the temporary ones used by protesters.  Instead of standing up with some cojones against the anarchists, Seattle has just moved the chess pieces.

The city agreed to reduce the “CHAZ” zone to 3 blocks instead of 6 or 7. They agreed to install concrete barricades in the middle of Pine Street, which will allow traffic to go through for the first time in several days. The replacement of the barriers was agreed to by Seattle Fire Chief Harold Scoggins, the Seattle Department of Transportation and Seattle Public Utilities.

Seattle Compromise – what about the people?

On Sunday night, a protester was detained by the owners of Car Tender, a store just outside the protesters ‘zone.’ The owner, John McDermott, stated that police did not respond to his calls, so he and his son were forced to let the perpetrator go. The Seattle police claim they did respond and even created a case number. But McDermott stated that after so many 911 calls, they finally told him they weren’t coming.

KIRO reported,

He and his son said the suspect put hand sanitizer all over a cassette tape, pulled out the film, and put hand sanitizer all over it as well as the counter – then lit it all on fire.

McDermott said they walked in right after the fire was lit and managed to quickly snuff it out.

His son, Mason McDermott, said he saw the suspect taking off from the south side of the building.

“I chased him down and as soon as I came face to face, he came at me so I put him on the ground,” Mason McDermott said. He said he had the suspect pinned while his dad repeatedly called 911.

“What we have here is a failure to communicate.”

Seattle police actually forwarded an email to their officers that told them not to respond  inside the autonomous zone. If they receive a call, they were told to meet the RP (reporting party) outside the barricades (KXLY). The Seattle Police Chief claims the city is not under siege and police are responding to every area of the city. Maybe ALMOST every area.

Into this mixed-up denial mess, we now have a Seattle compromise that brings in cement barricades instead of  the makeshift ones put up by protesters so that traffic can get down a street.

Fox reported,

The development comes after the Seattle City Council on Monday voted unanimously to ban police from using chokeholds, and crowd-control devices like tear gas and pepper spray.

The Seattle Police Department used tear gas to disperse mostly peaceful demonstrators protesting racism and police brutality in the city’s Capitol Hill neighborhood following the death of George Floyd, a black man who died last month in the custody of a white police officer. The council heard repeated complaints from residents forced out of their homes by the gas even though they weren’t protesting; one resident said his wife doused their child’s eyes with breast milk.

On Monday, Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan, who has repeatedly clashed with President Trump over her handling of the CHOP, tweeted: “Seattle won’t lose sight of what we need: allowing our community to exercise their first amendment rights, demilitarizing our police force, rethinking who responds to 9-1-1 calls, and investing more to create meaningful change for our black and brown communities.”

“Rethinking who responds to 9-11 calls?” Perhap she should be the one to respond. She hasn’t “handled” the zone, she has capitulated to it, calling it a “summer of love.” The Seattle Mayor is a Trump-hater herself, so her agenda is not necessarily the same as those who are stuck in an increasingly leftist city.

“Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.” Benjamin Franklin


Featured photo: Screenshot via Fox News


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