SCOTUS Gave Trump a Victory on Border Wall

By Faye Higbee

On July 26, the SCOTUS gave President Trump a huge victory by ruling that he is able to use the $2.5 Billion redirected from the military to build approximately 100 miles of border wall. In a 5-4 decision, the court set aside a lower court injunction against tapping the funds, allowing the wall/fence to go forward. But the Democrats say they will fight on against it.

The SCOTUS gave Trump the victory but it was a split decision right along Conservative/Liberal lines.

‘You can’t have funds Congress already denied!’ Democrats shouted. Throwing fits is the usual plan. Never mind about the security of the United States and our citizens. How will they keep on fighting? They will file harassment lawsuits like they’ve already been doing.

Oh, and never mind about the destruction of landscapes from garbage tracked across the deserts by illegal immigrants. Never mind all that. Even leftist environmental groups like the Sierra Club are standing with illegals – perhaps they haven’t seen the disasters caused by the people tramping across the border. Or they don’t want to know, or they hate Trump so bad they don’t care. Bingo.

A wall would slow things down tremendously. $2.5 Billion will only be able to replace 100 miles of border fencing along the southern border in California, Arizona and New Mexico. It will not put up new wall, according to Fox and Politico.

The 2020 Democrats are livid. Here are a few tweets from some of them:

Cory Booker

Kamala Harris

Then there’s Chuck Schumer

And Nancy Pelosi

(It’s a Republic, Nancy. Cripes.) So the Democrats say they will fight on. They labelled the wall “Trump’s medieval vanity project.” They said it’s expensive and ineffective. They called it wasteful. Isn’t it more wasteful for $Billions being paid out for free benefits to people who are not entitled to them?


Featured photo: screenshot via YouTube from RNC convention 2016

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