Schumer Killed Amendment Meant to Save Keystone, Fracking Jobs.


On Thursday, an amendment by Senator Steve Daines, (R-MT) passed the Senate in a bid to reverse Biden’s executive order that killed Keystone jobs and American energy independence. Two Democrats even voted for it. But overnight, Schumer killed the amendment (along with one other), and those same Democrats voted with him.

“In the wee hours of the morning, in the most D.C. swampy way possible, Senate Democrats flip flopped on their support for American energy and union jobs by killing Senator Daines’ Keystone XL Pipeline amendment and another supporting fracking. They thought they could get away with it while the American people were asleep.

“Folks will know that when it came down to it, every single Senate Democrat chose to stand with the job-killing, Green New Deal radicals over American union jobs and blue-collar workers. For those representing Western states and for those that flip flopped on their support, you’ll have some explaining to do, not just on your opposition to the pipeline and fracking, but for your misleading attempt to pull a fast one to protect a partisan, far-left agenda.

“Schumer’s Amendment #888 passed 51-50 aka Vice President Kamala Harris broke the tie. Either of the two Democrats who originally supported Daines’ amendment, or the several who supported Braun’s amendment, could have held strong in their support, and Schumer’s Amendment #888 would have failed.”

Senator Daines’ staff (Breitbart)

Senator Braun (R-IN) had introduced an amendment that would have preserved fracking. A few Democrats actually voted for it. Schumer also killed that one. How? By removing any funds from the Continuing Budget Resolution for either the Keystone Pipeline or the fracking industry in his own amendment #888. The vote for Schumer’s amendment was exactly down party lines, with Harris breaking the tie… and it was taken at 0547 a.m. on the 5th.

“Early this morning while the American people were asleep, Senate Democrats chose to flip flop on their support for my Keystone XL pipeline amendment, as well as @SenatorBraun’s amendment to support fracking. They chose to stand with Green New Deal radicals over American jobs & blue-collar workers. They chose to stand against tax revenue for counties & low energy costs for families. Montanans & the American people will know where they stand. But also know this, I won’t stop fighting.” Sen Steve Daines

Blue collar workers and ordinary Americans do not matter to Democrats. The elites who can afford to buy gas for their vehicles at any price think they are far above the peons they are supposed to represent. The radical left has a Nazi-like grip on the party and no one is allowed any form of dissent. They can strip a vote by simply changing it to something else. If the RINO Republicans believe their Democrat colleagues are ‘normal’ people, they are immensely wrong.


Featured photo: screenshots combination of Sen Schumer and Sen Daines

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