School Tells Student to Remove his MAGA Hat

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Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children receives numerous reports from youth from elementary school to college who are repeatedly told to remove patriotic t-shirts, hats, etc because they’re ‘offensive’ to somebody or another.  One 18 year old sent us a note that stated he was asked to remove his MAGA hat and he refused. He is not alone. Schools have decided that instead of teaching students to tolerate opposing points of view, they make the students a target for exercising their free speech.

President Trump’s signature slogan “Make America Great Again”  or #MAGA, has been a catchy, patriotic phrase. His bright red, made in USA, hat is popular among his supporters. But schools who are afraid of the left worry about ‘it’ causing violence. A hat causes ‘violence.’  No, people cause violence when they don’t exercise tolerance and restraint.

Here is the statement:

“Three days ago at school it was Pennsylvania Avenue spirit day (on spirit days you are allowed to wear hats as the dress code is suspended for them). So I wore my MAGA hat. Heading to class the vice principal pulled me aside and asked me to remove it. After I said no she said I was offending people. I proceeded to ask if someone had a Hillary hat that offended me if she’d make them remove it and she said no because I’m one person and so it’s insignificant.

The school counselor then came to her aid and started saying I was advocating violence by wearing it and I now had a target on my back and I said I’m fine with that I won’t start anything but if someone else does because of my hat that’s their problem, and they asked me if I’d take it off. I didn’t. They called my mom 3 times trying to get her to get me to take it off and I still didn’t. The counselor then pulled me and another student (who had a Trump hat on) aside and asked us to remove our hats. She said half the school doesn’t agree with it and when we asked about the other half she said it’s irrelevant. When I tried to ask about my first amendment rights she walked away and wouldn’t answer it. Still never put the cap away!
Thanks for reading, Esten “

And Esten is not alone- it has happened across the nation.  From elementary school to college to business people, wearing anything even remotely connected to President Trump has brought everything from discrimination to physical harm.  MAGA hats, American Flags, and Patriotic T-shirts, have been stolen, burned, crushed, and completely destroyed, all because of the so-called “tolerant” left.

A MAGA hat does not cause violence- it’s the left’s bullying tactics that cause discrimination and violence.

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