Schiff Wants to Block Congressional Oversight for Certain Deployments in the NDAA

Faye Higbee

Rep Adam Schiff wants to block Congressional oversight of deployments of the Military and National Guard in country. It’s a step that would range from Border security to January 6 and all its fallout. Why would Schiff want to block Congressional oversight in those areas? Because something’s fishy and he doesn’t want anyone to know about it? There are 1,224 amendments to the NDAA, of which his is only one. They will be sorted out- hopefully- during the compromise portion of the process.

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What Schiff wants:

The amendment seeks to block any evidence regarding the military’s involvement in ONCONUS activity that could be viewed as a breach of the Posse Comitatus Act.

“This un-American amendment will fundamentally and irreparably erode Congress’ constitutional oversight responsibility. House Democrats led by Adam Schiff are attempting to cover up for the national security crises of the weakest commander in chief in U.S. history.”

Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-NY) ,a member of the Armed Services Committee and chairwoman of the House Republican Conference (Washington Times)

Adam Schiff’s spokesperson Lauren French called Republicans who are against the proposal “conspiracy theorists.” The amendment was actually brought up in 2020, and passed by voice vote in 2021, according to the Washington Times. It was stripped from the language in that year’s NDAA during the compromise process last year.

Others have a different take on his amendment that some might actually call “conspiracy theory.” Is he on a cleanup mission to keep anyone from knowing what went on behind the scenes on Jan 6? On January 6, 2021, a highly classified team made up of both military and civilians was pre-deployed in Washington DC. They were approved for the deployment by President Trump, according to Newsweek. It’s already known that he offered National Guard troops BEFORE the riot and everyone refused them. The GOP wants to know why.

All of these assets were “pre-deployed” and ready to go over the weekend of January 2-3, staging out of the FBI Academy complex in Quantico, 30 miles south of the Capitol building. If a WMD or terrorist attack occurred, the units were to move via helicopter to the site of the incident. The activation of the catastrophic response units, operating under plans already approved by President Trump, entailed an automatic green light allowing federal responders to take the initiative and spare no resources, including shoot-to-kill authority, to deal with this most extraordinary condition…

On the morning of January 6, most of these forces staged closer to downtown Washington, particularly after intelligence was received indicating a possible threat to FBI headquarters building or the FBI’s Washington Field Office. FBI tactical teams arrived on Capitol Hill early in the day to assist in the collection of evidence at sites—including the Republican and Democratic party national headquarters—where explosive devices were found. FBI SWAT teams and snipers were deployed to secure nearby congressional office buildings. Other FBI agents provided selective security around the U.S. Capitol and protection to congressional members and staff.

A tactical team of the Hostage Rescue Team was one of the first external federal agencies to actually enter the Capitol after protestors breached the building. In addition to augmentation of emergency security assets, one team coordinated with the U.S. Capitol Police and Secret Service to provide additional safeguarding of Vice President Pence, who had been moved to the underground parking structure beneath the Capitol, from where he was supposed to evacuate. But Pence refused to leave the building and stayed underground instead…

The presence of these extraordinary forces under the control of the Attorney General—and mostly operating under contingency plans that Congress and the U.S. Capitol Police were not privy to—added an additional layer of highly armed responders. The role that the military played in this highly classified operation is still unknown, though FBI sources tell Newsweek that military operators seconded to the FBI, and those on alert as part of the National Mission Force, were present in the metropolitan area. The lingering question is: What was it that the Justice Department saw that provoked it to see January 6 as an extraordinary event, something that the other agencies evidently missed.


Republicans want to investigate these strange goings on. The amendment that Schiff wants would preclude it. Some of the proposed amendments are completely irrelevant to our National Security and have to do with “climate change” and flower arrangements (no joke). Others are important. You an read about some of the others here.


Featured screenshot of Adam Schiff, file

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