SB 319 – Georgia Now the 25th State for Constitutional Carry

Faye Higbee

Georgia Governor Brian Kemp signed the Constitutional Carry Act – SB 319 – into law on Tuesday. Georgia is now the 25th state to adopt the plan to allow people to carry a firearm without government permission. Exactly half of the United States now allows their residents to defend themselves in public.

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Gov Kemp signed two bills into law on Tuesday- SB 319 and HB 218. SB 319, known as hte Contitutional Carry Act, is the one that removed the permit and background check as prerequisites to carry a firearm. HB 218 allows licensed carriers from other states to do so in Georgia.

“SB 319 makes sure that law-abiding Georgians — law-abiding Georgians, including our daughters and your family too — can protect themselves without having the permission of the state government. The Constitution of the United States gives us that right, not the government. HB 218 ensures that individuals who are licensed to carry in another state are also authorized to do so here in Georgia.”

Gov Kemp

Gov. Kemp also signed House Bill 218, to grant universal recognition to concealed carry permits held by non-Georgia residents, issued by any other state. It also directs the Georgia Attorney General to enter into formal reciprocity agreements with any state that requires a formal agreement to recognize a Georgia Weapons Carry License. This reform recognizes that Georgia residents traveling to other states, and visitors to Georgia, should not be left defenseless simply by crossing a state line.


It has taken Georgia 4 years to get the Constitutional Carry Act signed into law. The opposition from anti-gun groups was fierce, with the rhetoric full of lies and misleading comments.

“This legislation will potentially allow individuals with a criminal history who purchase a gun through a private sale to legally carry a hidden, loaded weapon in our communities.”

Rep. Kimberly Alexander, Democrat

Her statement is a bold-faced lie. A person who is prohibited from purchasing a firearm would be committing a felony if they carry any firearm. Which is typical of the anti-gun lies floating around. The attempt to manipulate the narrative has worked wonders both in the media and in the population. Statements like “states will become the wild west”, etc. are bandied about frequently… but never come true.


Featured photo: screenshot of the SB 319 and HB 218 bill signing via NRA-ILA

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