Sarasota County Sheriff Tells Gun Control Activists to Pound Sand

Sarasota County Sheriff Kurt Hoffman is an ardent 2nd Amendment supporter. While most people realize that, a couple of gun control activists from the local chapter of the Brady organization requested a meeting with him, maybe to pressure him to “work together.” He refused to meet them. His polite way of telling them to pound sand – he wasn’t interested. He even told them why he refused. They didn’t understand.

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“We tried to meet with the sheriff via a few…phone requests for a few months. We meet with most elected officials, candidates and others who are in a position to help the people of Sarasota. Seldom have we been turned down (we met with his predecessor, Sheriff (Tom) Knight, a few years ago). Our goal is always to let them know Sarasota has a Brady chapter and to see if there are ways we can work together,” she said.

Kaitlyn Perez, community affairs director for the sheriff’s office, said the Brady chapter reached out to the sheriff’s office twice in recent weeks requesting a meeting with Hoffman.

“With an anti-Second Amendment platform that focuses on federal gun regulation, the Sheriff respectfully declined as he did not see anything productive coming from a meeting. He authored an email Friday around 11 a.m. There is no specific policy against meeting with groups,” she said in an email to Patch.


Sarasota County Sheriff Hoffman isn’t “most officials.” What was in the letter he sent to the Brady bunch? You’ll love the letter he sent them, as reported by Lee Williams:

Dear Mr. McLain and Ms. Rescigno,

Thank you for your recent request to meet. I am very familiar with the 12- point platform and I have fundamental differences regarding nearly every objective of Brady.  I am a member of the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms, the 2nd Amendment Foundation, in addition to being a Life Member of the NRA.  I have been a law enforcement officer in this state for over 32 years, eight years of which were as an Assistant State Attorney, and I am satisfied that the laws on the books in Florida sufficiently protect this community from gun violence.

In Sarasota County we have worked diligently over the past decade prosecuting part one crimes, including gun crimes.  We have reduced part 1 crimes by 52% since 2009.  This reduction represents the largest part 1 crime reduction in the state of Florida for law enforcement agencies serving populations of 100,000 or more.

We made these strides without infringing on our citizen’s constitutional right to keep and bear arms, more succinctly stated, we went after criminals, not lawful gun owners.  “Gun safety” is often cloaked in language that essentially bans certain guns, ammunition or magazine capacities while criticizing award winning programs like Eddie Eagle.  Calling certain firearms “weapons of war” and “assault weapons” while limiting how many rounds a citizen can carry for self-protection or creating gun registries is a non-starter for me.  

I represent many citizens in this county who have businesses related to the firearms industry and who protect their family and property with firearms your organization seeks to ban. I cannot support that.

 Thank you for reaching out but I will respectfully decline your offer. 

Sheriff Kurt A. Hoffman

Sarasota County Kurt A Hoffman, Sheriff, FBI National Academy Graduate 2014, 6010 Cattleridge Blvd, Sarasota FL 34232

Brady activists are so delusional that they overlook a lot of real facts to give their own versions of the facts. A few days after the Las Vegas massacre, they stood on an overpass with signs that read “Ban Assault Weapons,” “Support Background Checks” and “Ban High-Caliber Magazines.” (Sarasota Magazine 2017) Somebody PLEASE explain to these idiots that there is no such thing as a “high caliber magazine.” SMH.

Thank you, Sheriff Hoffman!


Featured photo: official portrai via Florida Sheriff’s Association

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