Santa Clarita School Shooting – Just in Time for Impeachment Distraction

By Faye Higbee

At least six, students were injured when an “Asian” male dressed in black, opened fire at Saugus High School in Santa Clarita, California early Thursday morning. Thus far, at least three students are said to be in critical condition, two males and a female. A suspect is in custody and being treated at a local hospital.

Update: One girl was killed, the other two are still in critical condition. Update: Two students are dead. The suspect reportedly shot himself in the head. Will update when more information is available.

The shooter was said to be a student at the school, according to NBCLA . A weapon was recovered at the scene, but it’s unclear what type or if more than one was used.


As a precaution, all schools in the William S. Hart Union High School District were placed on lockdown, with residents advised to lock their doors and call 911 if they saw an Asian male in dark clothing. With the arrest of the suspect, lockdowns have been lifted and police provided a reunification point which quickly became overcrowded.

Of course, this is a real situation, but the timing during impeachment hearings gives us pause. The  infamous “gun control” agenda screams through social media with ignorant, uninformed people who can’t see far enough ahead to understand the problems with their agenda. As we have mentioned before, legal gun owners are not the problem, and this push to take away the guns is EXACTLY why the 2nd amendment exists in the first place.

Featured photo: At the scene of the Santa Clarita school shooting. Screenshot


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