San Ysidro Crossing Closed, Migrants Rush the Border

By Faye Higbee

US Border Patrol shut down the busiest port of entry into the United States from Mexico today, both the car lanes and the pedestrian bridge of the San Ysidro crossing. The group of migrants said they were going to breach the border on Sunday, and would use women and children ahead of the rest. They did. At a weak point in the fence, some of the migrants-mostly men, by the way, started through and US Border Patrol deterred them with rubber bullets, tear gas, and smoke pellets, according to Fox.

One woman, who spoke letter perfect American English, tried playing to the emotions of the Border Patrol by shouting that they weren’t criminals and were “just trying to provide for our families like you.” In perfect American English. As she was yelling at the CBP, males were trying to squeeze through the gaps in the fence.

In this video, the migrants confront the Mexican police. Wendy Fry, a journalist from San Diego who was reporting from the Mexican side, seemed to do the best job of being objective.

Most of the left leaning news media reported on the few women and children who were there, and how awful our President is for not letting these poor people into the US. If you view these videos, you will see that most of the migrants are males. In one video, a male smiles as he throws a rock at the fence.

Here’s one problem: while our Border Patrol is occupied at this crossing, what is happening at the border everywhere else? Drug Cartels moving massive amount of drugs perhaps? Two days ago the Honduran President’s brother, Juan Antonio “Tony” Hernandez, was arrested in Miami, along with several Honduran Congressmen, on charges of drug trafficking according to Reuters.

“This is a heavy blow for the whole family. I hope the justice system gives him the room to defend himself, and as a family, we will do what we can to support him.” Honduras President Juan Orlando Hernandez

Think about it.