San Antonio Mall Shooting- Good Guy with a Gun Stops One Robber

By Faye Higbee

Reports of 1 dead, 6 injured at a San Antonio, Texas Shopping Mall this afternoon after two men robbed a local jewelry store. The man who died was a “Good Samaritan” who tried to stop the robbery and was killed as the men fled. Another man, a licensed concealed carrier, shot and wounded the robber who killed him.

Update: the Good Samaritan killed in this incident was retired, father and family man. Jonathan Murphy, 42, was known as a beloved man who just went into the jewelry to have his watch repaired and the couple’s wedding bands cleaned. He came from a Military family.

Police responded to the Rolling Oaks Mall for a report of a robbery at the Kay Jewelers store at the mall. The shooting occurred outside the mall at Dilliards. The suspects fled, but a man tried to stop them, and was fatally wounded. An armed citizen shot that suspect multiple times.

Good guy with a gun stops one suspect

The wounded suspect is in custody and is in surgery at a local hospital. The 2nd suspect is still at large.

Because the 2nd suspect was firing his gun as he ran, several people were injured. At least 2 people were hit by the bullets, and a few others injured in non-shooting situations.

Police advised people to stay away from the mall as they searched for the second robber, even though they do not believe he is still in the mall. At least 28 units from various agencies responded to the mall incident. A manhunt is underway.