San Antonio City Council Bans “Chinese Virus” as Hate Speech

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San Antonio, Texas: A resolution by the San Antonio city council bans the use of the terms “Chinese virus, Wuhan Virus, or Kung Fu Virus” and calls them “hate speech.” (Even though it IS a Chinese virus, and originated in Wuhan, China.) It passed unanimously on Thursday. They have reportedly had numerous hate crimes against Asians since the pandemic began, so they’ve instituted a hate speech resolution that claims the virus was not created by any race, nationality, or ethnicity.

“Unfortunately, during times of crisis we do see the best of humanity and sometimes we also see the worst. There has been a rise of hate speech throughout the course of this pandemic.” Mayor  Ron Nirenberg

Political correctness run amok?

The resolution also includes any anti-Semitic speech against Jews, because there have been incidents of people blaming them for the COVID-19 outbreak. The resolution also wants people to snitch.

While it is understandable that the San Antonio City Council would want to protect their constituents, this is not the best avenue to do so. The hate speech resolution also calls for people to snitch on their neighbors. So if your next door neighbor calls the Coronavirus a Chinese virus, you’re supposed to call the police to start an investigation.

“There’s not room for discrimination or hate when we see it, so we shout it out collectively that San Antonians, as a community, will not tolerate it.” San Antonio Mayor Ron Nirenberg

“Hate speech” is an extremely slippery slope. Hate crimes where someone harms another or their property is different. But when a city council bans words, there is a serious problem. And advocating snitching is worse than that. But this council seems to believe that the words are more dangeous than the virus. Thought police have almost become the norm at this point.

Several people responded on Twitter to tweets over the San Antonio city council’s action:

“I am from China and I call it “Chinese Virus”. The Chinese Virus came from the CCP.” @bingbing402

“The worst symptom of the #Communist #ChineseVirus is the Groupthink of the #ThoughtPolice.” @2lanterns

“I can’t understand why the “Chinese Virus” can’t be called the “Chinese Virus” because the “Chinese Virus” was originated in CHINA!” @StanYounger

“I’m embarrassed to live in San Antonio right now…this pisses me off.” @lizzie_mcb

“If someone is fined or worse, jailed for calling it the “Chinese Virus”, they need to sue San Antonio City Council. First Amendment.” @coexistish

“Well said, what the hell are San Antonio leaders thinking? This stupid so called resolution is meaningless. So we are allowed to say Spanish Flu but not Chinese Virus? C’mon now lol.” @ImperialV67

This pandemic virus originated in Wuhan, China. Its technical name is SARS-CoV-2 (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus #2).  The original SARS, also a virus that originated in China in 2002, killed over 700 people before it was stopped, according to It never reached the level of full worldwide pandemic like COVID-19, but it still originated in China.

Banning any reference to the origins of the virus is ridiculous. Whether it is blaming Jews for the spread of the virus or regular Chinese business owners the same, asshats will always be with us and this resolution will not stop them from being ignorant fools.

Featured photo: screenshot from San Antonio city council via GOP USA


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  • Bo McElya

    It does not say that you can’t refer to it as the Chink virus or the slant eye virus or even the gook virus. I could go on and on but you get my intent. Banning a word only means that a new word to replace the banned word will show up almost immediately because that is what thinking people do. Censorship has always had people going around the subject because censorship cannot stop people from thinking and acting on their thoughts. My apologies to any person of Asian lineage who I may have offended, that was not the intent of my use of terminology that could be construed as offensive.

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