Salt Lake City Shootout, Suspect Dead

By Faye Higbee

A man wanted for several armed robberies began shooting his gun on Monday in the valley area around Salt Lake City, Utah. A police chase ended in 3300 South and State Street, with the white pickup hitting a building. A frantic gunfight ensued in which one officer was wounded and the suspect was killed.

Here is the video of the shootout:

Police advised that the suspect was wanted for several armed robberies. The incident began at 10:06 a.m. at a Holiday Gas station in Taylorsville where he fired shots. Then he moved to a 7-11 in Salt Lake, again firing shots. He fired near a Sheraton Hotel and then drove away, this time with police chasing him. He was also firing out the window of his truck as he fled, according to the Salt Lake City Tribune.

Police from multiple agencies ended the chase by forcing the truck off the road near the Matheson Courthouse in Salt Lake City. The suspect “leaned out of the window” of his truck and started shooting at officers. An enormous amount of gunfire ensued, which you can hear in the above video.

The suspect was identified as Harold Vincent Robinson, 37, of West Valley City.

The police officer wounded was hit with a ricochet. He is expected to recover.

Featured photo: screenshot from video of shootout