Sailors released, boats returned in Iran Incident

By Faye Higbee

Sailors released, boats returned in the Iran Incident

Iran released the 10 Navy sailors and two Riverine boats from the Iranian Naval Base this morning at 4 a.m. Eastern. They were later transferred to a Navy helicopter and the boats continued on to Bahrain. The 9 men and one woman were taken first to the USS Anzio, then on to the aircraft carrier Harry S. Truman for debriefing.

Secretary of State John Kerry thanked the Iranians for releasing the sailors in a statement. Interestingly, a state department official specifically says that Kerry did NOT apologize to Iran for the incident. Hopefully Kerry did NOT apologize.  The statement did not include any “arrangements” on the release of the sailors.

sailors released

If the boat was damaged, how did it get underway so quickly?

Or maybe one of the boats simply ran out of gas? Questions remain.

Fox News reported,

Officials are still uncertain of how Iranian forces managed to commandeer the two boats. The U.S. official told Fox News that a mechanical problem on at least one of the boats could not be ruled out, but could not explain how both boats were able to get underway in such a short time if one did have a propulsion issue, which would have caused it to stop running and drift into Iranian territorial waters.

It was not immediately clear whether the U.S. and Iran had made a specific arrangement to secure the sailors’ release. The Iran Revolutionary Guard’s naval chief said earlier Wednesday that Iran’s foreign minister had demanded an apology from the U.S. for entering Iranian waters.

Gen. Ali Fadavi also told state TV Wednesday that the American boats showed “unprofessional acts” for 40 minutes before being picked up by Iranian forces.

Iran’s demand for an “apology”

What are “unprofessional acts?” The Riverine boats are reportedly not considered high-tech, so there should have been nothing in them that would pose a security issue. Unless…there is more to this incident than meets the eye.  Iran says that the U.S. was “snooping” in those waters. But then, totalitarian governments always say that. To them, everything is snooping. They call everything spying, regardless of its true purpose.

“Certainly U.S. presence in Persian Gulf and their passage has never been innocent and we do not deem their passage as innocent.” General Ali Fadavi

The investigation is continuing. Iran Foreign Minister Javad Zarif told Secretary Kerry that we should “apologize” for the incident. They should apologize to us, not the other way around. They can place their request for apology… well, you know.