S 974: Gun Registration on Steroids

S 974

S 974 is the Gun Records Restoration and Preservation Act, introduced by NJ Senator Bob Menendez. The bill has to do with retention of background check information, and rigid controlling of FFL license holders and their inventories. The anti-gunners want the protections of the Tiahrt amendments repealed.

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S 974- all about control

(1) The Tiahrt Amendments prevent the collection of valuable information, and the establishment of effective policies to prevent illegal guns from being used in crimes.

(2) The Tiahrt Amendments impede enforcement of the gun laws by requiring most background check records to be destroyed within 24 hours, and by barring the Federal Government from requiring annual inventory audits by owners of gun shops.

(3) A 2012 study by researchers at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health found that the Tiahrt Amendments dramatically increased gun trafficking to the criminal market…

…(10) Repealing the Tiahrt Amendments would support law enforcement efforts and give the public vital information needed to craft the most effective policies against illegal guns.

S 974 text

In that section 2 above, it says that the Tiahrt amendments impede law enforcement because the background check is deleted. How exactly does that work? The ATF can run traces on firearm serial numbers at the present time regardless of whether the background check information is deleted. To be blunt, the purpose of this bill is to remove all privacy protections for ordinary, law abiding gunowners and create a national registry. Once again, S 974 does not target criminals, only ordinary citizens. The bill would allow private information to be shared, and enable Federal overreach.

Example, if you purchased a gun, and a background check were conducted as per Federal law, the personal information from the background check is supposed to be deleted within 24 hours. Under this bill it would be required to be retained.

The bill also removes limitations that allow FFL holders some leeway in processing their inventories. No more of that, the Feds would now have total control over how and when an inventory is conducted.

Other provisions in this bill would “Repeal of limitations on imposition of requirement that firearms dealers conduct physical check of firearms inventory”. While I would hope most responsible gun dealers keep close tabs on their inventory, forcing them to physically check them at whatever interval the AFT dreams up would be impractical in most applications. Sure, the mom and pop gun shop up the road may only have fifty or so guns in stock, which is sill a decent amount. But what about the big gun shops that have hundreds, or thousands of firearms in inventory? There are already strict regulations on how FFLs have to store their firearms. If there has been no signs of theft of burglary, forcing a full cycle count of all goods would be imposed simply to punish gun dealers for having too many guns to sell.

Joe Petrolino, Bearing Arms

Sometimes you can tell the purpose of a bill simply by who introduces it in the various legislative bodies.


Featured Photo: screenshot via Hummelstown Field and Stream

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