What did the Russians Burn at Their SF Consulate?

By Faye Higbee

President Trump ordered the closure of the Russian Consulate in San Francisco by Saturday. Today, black smoke was pouring from the chimney there, and what we know for sure — the Russians weren’t contemplating names for a new pope. They were destroying things. More than likely tech things.

The President’s order included properties in New York and Washington DC.  The San Francisco Consulate is the oldest of the Russian consulates in the US. Russian Media are also reporting that “special agencies” were planning to “raid” the consulate tomorrow.

Russia has described the action as an “attack on diplomats.”

Someone called the San Francisco Fire Department when they saw the black smoke. Fire personnel were turned away by Consulate staff, saying that they were just “burning things in the fireplace.” Russians burning things when it was 95 degrees outside. Of course they were.

Maybe the Russians could be cited for excessive smoke?

The SF consulate has been watched by the US for years. According to CBS News,

” The State Department says it will “secure and maintain the properties in keeping with our responsibilities.” …

…American counterintelligence officials have long kept a watchful eye on Russia’s outpost in San Francisco, concerned that people posted to the consulate as diplomats were engaged in espionage.

Neighbors said they often wondered what type of equipment was housed in sheds on the roof of the consulate, which has a clear line of sight to maritime movement throughout the bay. “


Russia is not a happy camper about Trump closing their facilities. Something similar occurred in 1986, when both the US and Russia kicked out  each other’s diplomats. The left lost their “Russian collusion” argument against Trump so not they’ll whine about him messing with US-Russia relations. They can’t have it both ways.