Russia Deploys Nuclear Bombers to Caribbean Island

By Faye Higbee

American Military News reported that Russia has received permission to “temporarily” deploy nuclear capable bombers to La Orchila, a Caribbean Island that belongs to Venezuela. Let’s repeat that: Russia has deployed nuclear capable aircraft to an island in the Caribbean.

The island already has a previously established air base. Even though Venezuela supposedly forbids creation of any foreign military base on their soil, Maduro has stated that Russia is welcome to deploy their aircraft on a temporary basis since the air base is already established.

Ok. Never mind that Venezuela’s economy is a disaster and they need help to bring up their oil production. Two cash-strapped nations working together…but nuclear capable bombers? Will this be the Venezuelan Missile Crisis?

The Tu-160 supersonic nuclear-capable bombers reportedly have a range of 7,500 miles without refueling, and can fire short range nukes. La Orchila is only 1,300 miles from Florida.

“It is the right idea to include Venezuela in long-range aviation missionsOur strategic bombers will not only not have to return to Russia every time, but also won’t perform aerial refueling while on a patrol mission in the Americas. Our Tu-160 aircraft arrive to their base in Venezuela, conduct flights, execute their missions and are then replaced on a rotating basis. This is how it should be done.” Col. Shamil Gareyev to Russian media

Russia also deployed two TU-160 bombers in Caracas earlier in the month. Maduro had traveled to Russia to ask for support.

American Military News reported,

Russian military Colonel Eduard Rodyukov said the move to deploy bombers to the island is a direct message to the United States.

“The arrival of Russia’s Tu-160 strategic bombers to Central America is kind of a signal to Trump to make him realize that abandoning nuclear disarmament treaties will have a boomerang effect,” he said, according to Russian news agency TASS.

A book published a few years ago during the Obama administration warned the United States to “Watch Your Back Yard ” – it talked about narco terrorism and Islamic extremism, and the ease in which they can get into the country. Now we have the potential for other kinds of conflict. As we’ve mentioned before, 2019 is going to be an interesting year.