Rush Limbaugh Explains Liberals Are Mentally Ill

By Deborah Sweeni

Videos circulating around social media show various interactions with liberals, and those who possess similar characteristics as the far left ideal of exhibiting animal like behavior such as violent outbursts and physical altercations. The other political faction can only draw one conclusion: Are these people insane?

During recent events surrounding the political aspect of things, talking to most liberal Democrats generally takes its course to one dead end – brutal name calling, swearing, threats, and in rare cases physical violence. Rush Limbaugh explains it all in a short, sweet, and surprisingly rational radio show, with the mainstream media playing a vital role.

“I’m looking for a way to actually characterize these people.” Rush begins, “They’re sick, folks, they have literally been rendered sick. Your average, ordinary, everyday liberal or Democrat is genuinely mentally ill now. When it comes to matters of politics and current affairs, current events. And they’ve been rendered this way by the media.”

Rush continues to explain how the mainstream media set its pawns in motion by using fear tactics, making people believe the most outrageous of lies, setting a vision of “Trump’s America” in a Hitler style fashion.

“They literally have believed all this fearmongering and scaremongering. They believe campuses are places where rapes are happening. They believe innocent black men are being gunned down multiple times a day by the cops. They believe that Donald Trump’s coming for everybody who’s gay, lesbian, transgender, bisexual, whatever, and gonna be put in concentration camps. I mean, people believe this.

The cast of Hamilton. They’re scared to death. And they think Trump’s gonna destroy the planet, on purpose. Trump and the Republicans want to destroy the planet. And they want to do it so fast that young liberals will not even reach 65.

This is genuine mental illness that we have been up against and that we are up against. And the mental illness extends to the editorial board at the New York Times and their columnists and the reporters and infobabes at CNN. I’m convinced it’s a genuine mental illness. ”

Limbaugh also suggests that Democrats have not always been this way, but the something else far out of reach is taking place.

“I asked yesterday, you know, watching some 70-year-old, 60-year-old Democrat strategists that I’ve been watching on TV all my life.  I’m asking, what happened to ’em?  I mean, they’ve always been liberal Democrats, but there was none of this fatalistic, fearmongering, scaremongering, apocalyptic, however they describe what they believe, and I’m asking myself, what happened to you?  Seriously, what has happened to you?  This is as close to insane, clinically insane, as I have seen, what the left believes.”

In Limbaugh’s conclusion he proves the leftist’s gullibility, using a fabricated Facebook advertisement claiming that if the DOJ received a sufficient amount of calls from angry liberals, a recount would be issued because of the density in numbers in specific states. Limbaugh calls BS on the matter.

“David Jacobs, the DOJ spokesman, says, ‘The department does not tally the number of callers to determine whether federal action is warranted. Investigatory decisions are based solely on the facts as they relate to the federal statue as the department enforces. And we don’t review elections.’ So that’s going on. They really think if they call in enough numbers, they make the DOJ, because they believe it. They’ve read these posts on Reddit and Facebook. Sick… I-I-uh… Don’t know…”


Listening to the audio one can definitely sense the frustration and anguish in Limbaugh’s voice that most of us feel while trying to break through the wall of liberal thought processes. Maybe we should all come armed with a safety pin and blankey for our next interaction with the leftist extremist.