Rumor has it Trump offered Gen Mattis the SecDef Position?

By Faye Higbee

The Daily Caller is reporting that a source inside the Trump camp told them that Donald Trump offered the SecDef position to retired Gen James Mattis, the Secretary of State to Romney, and the Secretary of the Treasury to Steve Mnuchin. At this point it’s just a rumor.

Many believed that Trump was talking to James Mattis as a military adviser only. As we reported yesterday, Trump had narrowed the position down to two candidates: General Mattis and General Keane.

With reporters camped outside Trump’s National Golf Club in Bedminster, NJ, people came and went with no official word of the outcomes of the meetings held there on Saturday. But Trump offered them hot chocolate and they got food instead.

[Just so you know that Trump hates the press…according to the press. But he provided lunch and dinner for the press. Hmmmm.]

Trump only responded to the questions from reporters with “We’ll hear some things tomorrow.”

But his meeting with the General seemed to go well, even if two of them are scowling in this photo.


Twitter Photo of Trump, Mattis, and Pence at today’s meeting.

If James Mattis is tapped to become the Defense Secretary, he will need a Congressional waiver, as well as confirmation by the Senate.  He has only been out of the service since 2013, and the job requires that someone be out for 7 years. It’s part of the Constitutional process to require that our military be run by a civilian – although there have been some SecDef’s that were former military.

According to Smart Politics in 2011,

“Of the 21 men who have been appointed Secretary of Defense over the last 64 years, seven have come from the Navy, with seven from the Army, and one from the Air Force.”

The current SecDef is Ashton Carter – he has never served.

So…it must be time for a Marine, right?

OH, and by the way, a Bloomberg journalist on scene reported that there WERE some women at the meetings today – which should lay to rest the vile remarks by feminists who say they’re all a bunch of misogynists because “all of his picks are men.” Michelle Rhee and Betsy DeVos met with Trump for various other positions.