Rolling to Remember – Memorial Day Motorcycle Ride

The Memorial Day motorcycle ride that was called “Rolling Thunder” for 32 years, is now renamed “Rolling to Remember.” But organizers of the event (AmVets) are accusing the Pentagon of jeopardizing the now traditional ride through DC. They have failed to grant permission for the bikers to park in the Pentagon parking lot as they have done for the previous 32 years. The lot is empty on Memorial Day, so why block it? Is this a typical Biden Administration action?

Update: The Biden Administration’s Pentagon has rescinded the permit for this event.

Update: the Rolling to Remember event will take place, even though the pentagon parking permit was denied. Streets around the National Mall will be blocked from 1 a.m. on May 30 to 4 p.m.

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“The Pentagon won’t even talk to us. We’ve been trying to really be good partners in all of this and not blast the Pentagon, but we’ve gotten to point recently where we have to put the pressure on them.” 

Joe Chenelly, National Director of AmVets, organizer Rolling to Remember

AmVets turned in their application to use the parking lot for Memorial Day back in July of 2020. No word has been received, and the first permit request was approved, then rescinded. (Realize that there was a change of administrations in the middle of those dates). The Pentagon claims “no decision has been made” and are using the Covid pandemic as an excuse. The ride was cancelled last year, and AmVets have made some changes to comply with Covid protocols. But if the Pentagon continues to mess with this event, it could cause “chaos” if the riders choose to block streets by themselves.

AMVETS has gained approvals for the event from the National Park Service, Metropolitan Police Department, Arlington County Police Department, Arlington County Fire Department, Virginia State Police and the District of Columbia Fire and Emergency Medical Services Department.

Tens of thousands of motorcyclists are planning to travel to Washington for a Memorial Day ride, regardless of whether they have a place to gather, Chenelly said. He’s working with the mayor’s office on another plan to host riders in the parking lot of Robert F. Kennedy Memorial Stadium.


The Robert F. Kennedy stadium is significantly farther away for the Rolling to Remember bikers than the Pentagon, and would require the city to shut down a section of the Capitol Beltway for about 4 hours.

Tim Chambers, (Sgt USMC, ret) has been a fixture are the event for many of those years as the “Saluting Marine.” He posted a note on the DoD website.

My post on the DOD Facebook Page:

As important as our history is, the Rolling Thunder ride that is now to be called Rolling to Remember ride that has been going on for over 30 years, must continue. It only utilizes the Pentagon Parking Lot for a few hours on a day it is closed. It brings all walks of life together in harmony. I have held my salute there for 19 years. Please find it in your hearts to continue this tradition. You have the control to allow something positive that unites millions of Americans. Our Nation needs Unity. It is also the shining example on how to come together to protest in peace. I urge you to do your part which is as simple as the ink from a pen on a piece of paper to do something good for America. I will stand my post and stand with you. #amvets#rollingtoremember#thesalutingmarine#dod#patriotism

Tim Chambers, Sgt USMC, Ret.
Tim Chambers Facebook Page

Rolling to Remember brings together veterans of all backgrounds, first responders and ordinary citizens who just love the idea of a patriotic motorcycle ride, and anyone else who chooses to participate. It brings awareness of POW/MIA issues, and is a tremendously unifying event.


Featured photo: Photo screenshot via Tim Chambers

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