Rolling to Remember Event on May 30 – Thousands of Bikes Ride Through DC

May 30, 2021 – After the Pentagon denied the AmVets permission to park in their parking lot, and the veterans had to scramble to find a staging area, they finally landed at RFK Stadium. Rolling to Remember in DC went off well as literally thousands of bikes roared through downtown Washington.

Escorted by the Metro Police, they thundered past the Lincoln Memorial, thousands strong. It seemed a never-ending stream of bikers: patriotic, flag flying remembrances of POW/MIA issues- there are still 80,000 unaccounted for prisoners of war and missing in action service members.

SSgt Tim Chambers, the “Saluting Marine” was there at his usual station as the bikes passed by. Another gentleman, whom we do not know, dressed in what appeared to be an older style Army uniform, also saluted from the sidelines. People rushed up to have their photos taken with Tim. He stood there at attention, saluting, for a long time, yet was able to lift his arm to drink water at the end and stand even longer to have his picture taken with members of the crowd. He’s been doing these events for many years.

After the Pentagon’s denial, Mayor Muriel Bowser, Metro Police, and several legislators stepped in to obtain permission to stage at the Robert F. Kennedy Stadium. That wasn’t the only place that the veteran bikers could go from, but it helped tremendously for organization. Several streets were closed before and after the ride.

“They should never have had to scramble and find an alternative site – and everyone knows it never would have happened to a group that is politically favored by the Biden Administration.”

Rep Darrell Issa, R-CA

Thank you, AmVets, for that special display of patriotism and honor.


Featured photo: screenshot of Rolling to Remember in DC via NTD/The Epoch Times

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