Robert Cefail, Producer of Surviving Mann and So Much More

robert cefail

Robert Cefail, the Producer of Surviving Mann, will never complain that his life is boring. He’s on a mission – and that mission is to bring a return to real entertainment rather than political fodder. Surviving Mann is just one aspect of his multi-faceted career.

Surviving Mann will air on July 3rd at 8 p.m. EDT. You can access the show on apps at Roku, Apple, and Google Play. There were 32 male and female contestants in running, shooting, rappelling, all of which involved the skills of an athlete. It will be real entertainment, not the fake type of network programming. The link to the channel is The show itself was filmed at Front Sight in Nevada.

Navy Seal veteran Don Mann reached out to Robert Cefail and they worked together to make the reality show concept for Surviving Mann. Cefail went through all of the applications himself to find people who wouldn’t quit. After Surviving Mann will be “Surviving Mann Aftermath” which promises to be highly entertaining.

Here is our Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children podcast with Robert Cefail:

Who is Robert Cefail?

Robert Cefail told us he has always been interested in the Arts. As a young child of 7, he was creating oil paintings. But that was only the beginning. His wife Toli has a musical background, so they naturally came together over the Arts. When he saw that the entertainment industry was imploding, he created his own production/distribution channel so that they would not be dependent on the networks who participate in the cancel culture.

He began online marketing and eventually started a celebrity endorsement firm ( His endorsement firm works with major agencies that he brings in to “develop deals for their celebs” with his own business clients. The arrangement allows him to pick and choose which celebrities he is interested in hiring – all in coordination with the celebs, agencies and his business clients.

His CShopTV website says:

The CShop is a celebrity endorsement focused marketing firm that helps businesses of all shapes and sizes leverage the power of fame and celebrity fan bases to promote their products and services.

We are not a talent agency.  We represent your company and its interests in establishing productive celebrity endorsements and, where necessary, executing celebrity enhanced marketing campaigns.

Our relationships with talent agencies and managers allow this to occur smoothly, affordably and in volume. Our talent agent and manager contacts represent more than 5000 celebrities across TV, sports, music and film.

We also have relationships with representatives of more than 10,000 social media influencers across Instagram, YouTube, etc.


Cefail is also interested the “underserved market” of high school sports. On September 3, 2021, a new program will launch showcasing High School Football. They will take on College and Professional Football head to head on Friday night (what networks call the dead zone). Cefail takes that as a challenge, and will highlight the best high school football players in America. With 5 different programs regarding High School Football, and the involvement of Sports Illustrated, it is bound to be a success. Their sponsor plans to offer 250 scholarships to high school players.

You can find more of Robert’s productions at American Stories Entertainment.

Our mission is to bring entertainment back to inspiration for viewers.

Bob Cefail

It certainly appears that he is doing just that. All-American, real entertainment for everyone. Best wishes and continued success, Bob!


Featured photo: provided by Robert Cefail, who was on a shoot at the time. He felt that .50 caliber weapon in his hands was a nice touch. We agree!

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