Rittenhouse Prosecutor: Knows Nothing About Handling Firearms, Makes Ignorant Statements

rittenhouse prosecutor

The Rittenhouse prosecutor is an idiot. Yesterday’s closing arguments revealed that he is every bit the fool that he’s been so far in the trial. Binger has been yelled at by the judge for his attempts to mess with Kyle Rittenhouse’s rights on several occasions. The judge dismissed one misdemeanor improperly used firearms charge against Rittenhouse on Monday. But today, Kyle’s case is in the hands of the jury.

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“You forfeit the right to self defense when you bring a gun.”

Thomas Binger, Rittenhouse prosecutor in closing arguments

No, stupid, the firearm is FOR self-defense. Binger also picked up an AR rifle during the closing arguments, put his finger on the trigger, improperly shouldered the weapon, and panned the courtroom with it. Ignorant of any gun knoweldge at all.

The Rittenhouse Prosecutor had his finger on the trigger, did not have the barrel of the weapon pointed downward and had the stock in an improper position. Had there actually been a round in the chamber, Binger would have been out of control of the weapon, and someone in the courtroom could have been wounded or died. Rittenhouse did not do that.

Though supposedly deputies “cleared the gun” (hopefully not like the Rust shooting with Alec Baldwin), the Rittenhouse prosecutor set a horrid example as he had his finger on the trigger in the courtroom. It’s a violation of absolutely every safety rule about guns. Binger told the courtroom that “somebody checked it” before he aimed it, then said “always check the background before aiming” …as he aimed it at the courtroom full of people. Always always check to see if there’s a round in the chamber no matter what anyone else tells you.

Was this a “strategy” by the Rittenhouse prosecutor? Pointing a gun at the jury?

The fate of Kyle Rittenhouse is in the hands of the jury. Hopefully they will grab common sense as they reach a verdict. The assistant prosecutor didn’t help his case, although we have no idea who is on that jury. As leftists scream for Kyle’s head outside the courtroom, we hope that the jury will command a calmer way of looking at this trial.


Featured photo: screenshot via Twitter

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