Riots in Toulouse, FR over Woman Who Refused to Lift Full Face Veil

By Faye Higbee

Toulouse, France was once again the scene of rioting on Sunday, when police stopped a woman wearing a full face veil, which is illegal in France. When they asked her for ID, she gave them a “poor photocopy” of French government identification, police attempted to arrest her, according to france3.

The woman refused to lift her veil, and instead began screaming. Police managed to get her to the police vehicle, but shortly thereafter  about 30 people showed up and as Breitbart reported“attacked the police with projectiles, injuring one officer. The officers retreated and discharged their weapons, including a tear gas launcher, 18 times before they could escape the mob.”

Later than evening at around 8 p.m. in the neighborhoods of BelleFontaine and Reynerie, riots erupted where 15 cars were burned (that total may have gone up) and about 200 police deployed. Around 300 tear gas grenades were fired during the riots. According to the article, the fire department couldn’t reach the area due to locals setting fires on the roadways (a new tactic?). The Police department in Bellefontaine was also targeted.

The arrest that may have helped fuel the violence:

Both the niqab and burqa full face Islamic garb are illegal in France. The woman in the video appears to be wearing an “abaya” – the long black Islamic dress, and a niqab, or full face veil. It is a safety issue for them, as terrorists have been both male and female, and some males have been known to wear the veil to hide their real intentions. When she handed the police a COPY of government identification, they smelled a rat.

The suicide of a prisoner at Seysses prison near Toulouse on Saturday may have also helped spark the violence. But it also could have been a case of “never let a good crisis opportunity go to waste.”

While many French outlets claimed that it was just “underprivileged youth” doing the rioting. Torching cars is common in France.  There are approximately 35,000 Muslims in the city of Toulouse out of a total population of 975,000. It is the 4th largest city in France.