Rhome Officer Shot in Leg During Foot Chase- Suspect at Large

Rhome, Texas – a Rhome Officer was shot in the leg at around 8:00 p.m. Sunday night after a foot chase with the suspect. Wood is a suspect in a home invasion robbery from Saturday. He and a female were riding a motorcycle when Rhome police spotted him after receiving a tip that he was in the area.

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As soon as police stopped him, he jumped off the motorcycle, shot a couple of rounds at the police and fled on foot. One Rhome officer was struck in the leg. The Rhome officer is expected to be okay and was released early Monday morning. Wood has yet to be found.

Police advised everyone in the vicinity of US 287 and Farm Market Road 407 to lock their doors and stay inside. Royce Edward Wood, is a white male, 6’2″ tall, 200 pounds. He is bald, wears a beard, and was last seen wearing a baseball hat, camouflage bandana, green shirt, a vest, black shorts and sunglasses. Police believe he may attempt to alter his appearance after the photograph was sent out on the Blue Alert.

The woman riding with Wood was taken into custody and later released (WFAA). Wise County Sheriff deputies found methamphetamine in the motorcycle.

The Texas Department of Criminal Justice said Wood, who lives in Azle, previously served prison time for robbery and burglary of a habitation. The Lubbock County District Clerk’s office confirmed those convictions, stemming from incidents in 2012. He began a 10-year sentence in 2014, however served only half of it, and was released in 2019. The reason for his parole, according to the Texas Board of Pardon and Paroles, was that Wood “maintained a satisfactory institutional adjustment.”

A non-profit organization in Tarrant County told WFAA Monday they’d previously helped Wood, who told them he was a veteran. 

Now, Wood is on the run and considered dangerous, according to authorities. Sheriff Akin said they also found meth in Wood’s motorcycle. After he shot the officer, officers returned 10 rounds, but Akin said there was no indication Wood was shot.

“We hope to have him in jail in a matter of days,” he said. “We think this is a dangerous guy. I know he had an intent to hurt one of our officers. I don’t know if he’ll be that way every time, but we know one thing is for sure: someone who’s using methamphetamines is very unpredictable and we think that’s the case here.”



Featured photo: Wise County Sheriff

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