Retired Police Officer Told To Take Down His Thin Blue Line Flag; Banned From Campground.

Faye Higbee
retired police officer

Retired Police Officer Eric Reynolds took a bullet in the line of duty during his time as an officer. He is passionate about supporting his brothers and sisters in law enforcement. When he went camping at Thousand Trails Campground in Rondout Valley, upstate New York, he put up his thin blue line flag. Campground management told him he had to take it down. He was highly upset and responded with language they felt was abusive. Then they suspended his membership for 60 days due to “abusive and disruptive behavior.” (Law Enforcement Today)

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The manager, Crystal, sent another employee to tell Reynolds that the had to take down the flag due to corporate policy. Reynolds stated that he had stayed at several Thousand Trails locations and had never been asked to take the flag down before. The employee simply parroted the same thing back, saying it was corporate policy. Reynolds responded with, “That flag represents my brothers and sisters, and they’re going to send some piece of shit over here to ask me to take my fucking flag down?

Next, “Crystal” came by to talk with him and reiterated that he had to take down the flag. When his anger again flashed, she told him to leave the campground immediately. Instead, he complied with the flag mandate and stayed another week.

Well, we tried. And we will continue to. We showed our support for Eric Reynolds and all Thousand Trails has done is DOUBLE DOWN on their harassment of him and prejudice towards law enforcement. They have now SUSPENDED his membership for 60 days over the flag incident. Which has now hindered him in spending time with his brother at a different TT location. Worse things have gone on at Rondout than him standing his ground. This is outright insanity now and they need to hear about it.

Nick Vaccaro

On July 19, five days AFTER he left the campground, he received a note telling him his membership was suspended for 60 days due to “abusive and disruptive behavior.”

It reads:

Dear Mr. Reynolds, I am in receipt of an incident report from our Rondout valley RV Resort Preserve which outlines a member rule violation that took place on July 6, 2021. Our review of this incident found a violation of the following provision of your membership: Rule 6n.”

“We will not tolerate abusive or disruptive behavior whether directed at preserve management, staff or other persons. Please consider this letter as notification of the Rule 6n (abusive or disruptive behavior) violation which occurred during your stay at Rondout Valley RV Resort Preserve.”

“Due to the nature of this incident, your membership has been suspended for 60 days, from 2021-07-19 through 2021-09-17 for this member rule violation.”

The responses to Nick Vaccaro’s statement in support of Reynolds revealed that “Crystal” herself has a history of ”abusive and disruptive behavior” toward customers after a woman was attacked at night in the campground restroom.

Obviously the suspension is due to the retired police officer swearing at the management. Law Enforcement Today wrote that he agreed his own language was the problem. But even though his membership was suspended, he has been welcomed to other campgrounds where he can fly his thin blue line flag without issue. (For information, Thousand Trails Campgrounds memberships START at $575 per year and can go as high as $6,000. We sincerely hope they pro-rate his membership.)

Eric Reynolds’ thin blue line flag should not have been a problem. The flag is so commonly used to show support for law enforcement, that the corporate decision speaks to an attitude against police. Reynolds stated that none of the other Thousand Trails campsites had ever asked him to take it down. With other sites scrambling to get Reynolds’ business, it appears that Thousand Trails may be totally out of luck. It used to be that the customer was always right…it is now the mantra that the customers are always wrong.


Featured screenshot: Crystal informs Eric Reynolds that his thin blue line flag has to go

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