Retired Navy SEAL Don Mann — Host of Surviving Mann

From 1977 to 1998, Don Mann served as a United States Navy SEAL with the SEAL teams ONE, TWO, and SIX . But if you think he hung up his ‘swim fins’ and retired happily ever after, you’d be seriously wrong. He retired from the service and continued to train SEALS and others in various venues, including shooting and mountain climbing. Being the Host of Surviving Mann is just one of a plethora of accomplishments that nearly boggle the mind. Read about those accomplishments here. See video with Rick Ferran aka “Tank” below.

Retired Navy SEAL Don Mann

Retired Navy SEAL Don Mann

After retiring from the SEALs, Don began traveling to Middle East war zones to train others as a contractor/consultant. Some of his destinations included Afghanistan, Yemen, Somalia, and Iraq. As if classified missions during his SEAL career weren’t enough, there were others after he retired. He says he only goes overseas now “occasionally.”

That’s not all – he became a fierce competitor in numerous sports from triathlons to marathons and cycling. He competed in over 1000 endurance events over the course of 30 years. He has done numerous product endorsements, and is an author of 22 books, including the best selling book “Inside SEAL Team SIX”.

Surviving Mann

When a producer friend of his, Bob Cefail, suggested he compete in a TV show, he changed the focus: this time, the contestants would be civilians that could be trained to rescue hostages. Don became the host who leads the audience through the competition. The link to the show is at American Stories, and can be accessed on Roku, Apple, and Google Play. Episode 10 is coming up, so if you want to see the winners, be sure to check it out. He told us he was a little uncomfortable with his name being in the title of the show, but it worked.

A heart for veterans, and the children of veterans

Don Mann has a heart for veterans, especially those who have lost friends and family in Afghanistan. The situation that took place there in recent days is difficult for all who served. There is anger and frustration among the veteran community over the way it was handled. He promotes SEAL Kids, a nonprofit that supports the children of Navy SEALs both academically or if they struggle with learning disabilities. Mann has a message:

To all active duty military, and veterans who served this great country, I have a great deal of respect for you all. Thank you.

Don Mann

Don has been on several news shows to explain what the issues are with the Biden administration. The views within this video are a tough subject whether for veterans or ordinary Americans. But listen to what is in this video – and pay close attention.

“The whole world order has been tipped upside down now. Don Mann


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