Retired Chicago Firefighter Stops Armed Robber Permanently

retired chicago firefighter

A 77 year old retired Chicago firefighter was inside a parking garage in West Chesterfield at East 89th near MLK at around 12:30 p.m. on Saturday, when a man walked in with a gun. The suspect demanded the retired gentleman’s belongings. The 77 year old pulled out a gun of his own and shot the suspect in the head and chest. He was pronounced dead at the scene. The retired Chicago firefighter has a valid FOID card and a concealed carry permit. He also had outstanding fast draw capability.

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Later it was learned that the suspect drove up to the garage in a car that had been carjacked the day before. The vehicle was recovered on the street next to the garage.

Chicago has experienced a surge in the crime rate. The number of shootings and homicides is up over 2020.

Between January 1 and October 31, 2021, Chicago saw 3,766 people shot and 678 people murdered including children, according to Chicago Police. 356 people were shot in October alone, which is up over 344 in October of last year. The murder rate dropped by 10 over last year, with just 59 people murdered over 69 the year before. Chicago slashed the police budget by $600 million in October of 2020, but proposed to upgrade it in August of 2021.

Scenarios like the one in this article are not uncommon in Chicago. A quick tour through twitter articles reveals that concealed carry holders have shot numerous robbers, although they don’t always end up with the suspect deceased. The last weekend of October was deadly in the Windy City:

For much of this year, homicides and shootings had been steadily increasing from last year. Of the city’s 72 neighborhoods, 50 are seeing either more homicides or about the same number as last year. Just 22 are faring better, according to Sun-Times data…

Over the last weekend, at least 28 people were hit by gunfire and six died. Four of those homicides occurred in police districts that cover some of these neighborhoods.

Fox32 on November 1, 2021

With surging crime, the speed and accuracy with which the retired Chicago firefighter was able to dispatch the suspect is impressive. When someone is pointing a gun at you, speed is of the essence… and it requires continuous practice. Pulling a gun from a holster fast enough to take out a suspect with a gun who is standing in front of you is not for the faint of heart. And age hasn’t slowed this man down one little bit.


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