Republican Liberty Caucus: We Will Not Comply With Gun Ban

By Faye Higbee

The Republican Liberty Caucus in Florida approved a ‘resolution of non-compliance’ against a proposed state constitutional amendment to get an “assault weapons” ban on the ballot this year. It’s by far not the only attempt to bypass “we the people” in Florida, but that’s for another article.

Their resolution reads, in part (Florida Today),

“We, the lawful citizens of the state of Florida and the United States of America, do hereby resolve to defy and resist any and all registration or confiscation attempts of our lawfully owned arms, and that we will not comply with any orders to do so, as all laws or amendments that require such are illegal, a direct assault on our constitutionally protected rights, and therefore automatically null and void by default, regardless of what any constitutionally ignorant voters, judges, law enforcement officials or legislators may say to the contrary…

“…it is our prayer that those who desire to impose these unlawful infringements will recognize their errors, and bring themselves back into constitutional compliance. But, if not, we will be left with no choice but to exercise our God-given right and duty to resist. Be it assured that we will not register any of our arms, nor will we surrender them. We will continue to freely exercise our rights, with or without the approval of the state or our fellow citizens, so help us God.” Republican Liberty Caucus

On Monday, the Republican Liberty Caucus and the Florida Liberty Caucus, as well as other gun rights groups, held a forum to help people be informed of their rights, and the action by “Tallahassee Gun Grabbers.” The purpose of that forum and others that are scheduled around the state is to build resistance and bring awareness to the agenda of the liberals. Scheduled speakers included Brevard County Sheriff Wayne Ivey, attorneys, etc.

Thus far, the backers of the amendment to ban “assault weapons” are not making much headway for the signatures required to get it on the ballot, but that doesn’t mean they won’t keep trying. They are required to come up with 766,200 signatures by February 1, according to the Tallahassee Democrat media. They only have 130,232 thus far, but those signatures can be used for the 2022 ballot as well. No one expects them to go away. They plan to prohibit owners of the most commonly owned rifle in the United States, and even with a grandfather clause will move to register all if the weapons.

Though the non-compliance resolution is referred to by the 12 board members who approved it, it reflects that they mean what they say. Civil disobedience is sometimes necessary to knock some sense into those who would take our rights.

Featured photo: Screenshot of Brevard County Sheriff Wayne Ivey at the forum in Cocoa on Jan 6, 2020.


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