Rep. Steve Scalise Readmitted to Intensive Care

By Faye Higbee

Congressman Steve Scalise (R-LA) was readmitted to the Intensive Care Unit at MedStar Hospital in Washington DC with infection concerns, and his condition is listed as serious. This comes as he has been recovering from being shot on June 14 by a left wing Sanders supporter during a practice for the Congressional Baseball Game.

“Congressman Steve Scalise has been readmitted to the Intensive Care Unit at MedStar Washington Hospital Center due to new concerns for infection. His condition is listed as serious.” MedStar Washington Hospital Center

Fox reported that “sources” told them that the hospital anticipated he would eventually end up with an infection.

“The congressman was struck in the hip and the bullet tore into blood vessels, bones and internal organs. He has undergone several surgeries.

Sources told Fox News that doctors had anticipated that Scalise would suffer an infection related to the shooting. Sources close to the congressman indicated that they had been told from the start that the Louisianan’s recovery would have ups and downs.”

Dr. Jack Sava, Trauma Director at MedStar, reportedly told reporters two days after the shooting that infection could be a problem. Scalise was shot in the left hip. The Washington Examiner reported that Scalise was in “imminent danger of death” when he arrived at the hospital after the shooting. They had upgraded him to fair condition after the surgeries. The hospital is expected to give a new statement on Thursday.

The House has been reviewing their security procedures since the shooting. Nancy Pelosi wants more money for the Capitol Police; other Congressmen want the ability to carry firearms. Scalise’s security detail stopped the incident from becoming a massacre by killing James Hodgkinson. Four other people were wounded in that attack.

The threats are real. And on Twitter, though 99% of both left and right did offer up prayers for his healing, there was one who called him a domestic enemy.  Does the hospital have security in place?