Rep Jim Jordan: More Whistleblowers Say FBI Investigating Parents, Contradicting AG Garland Testimony…Again

Faye Higbee
rep jim jordan

Rep Jim Jordan sent a scathing letter to AG Merrick Garland after another group of whistleblowers advised him that the FBI was indeed investigating parents for their concerns at school board meetings. Their statements stood in direct contradiction to the testimony of AG Garland. Again. These new whistleblower documents show that Garland lied and still refused to comply with Congress.

This whistleblower information raises serious concerns that your October 4 memorandum will chill protected First Amendment activitiy as parents will rightfully fear that their passionate advocacy for their children could result in a visit from federal law enforcement. You have refused to rescind your October 4 memorandum and its anti-parent directives. In light of this new whistleblower information, we again call on you to rescind your October 4 memorandum.

Committee Republiçans have been investigating the Biden Administrations misuse of law-enforcement resources to target concerned parents since last fall. You have failed to substantively respond to our requests for documents and your sworn testimony to the Committee is now contradicted by whistleblower information. Please be assured that Committee Republicans will not let this matter drop. Accordingly, we request the following information:

1. Produce all documents and materials identified in our letters to Departmental components dated November 1, 2021, November 2, 2021, November 3, 2021 and November 18, 2021 immediately and;

2. Take all reasonable steps immediately to preserve all records responsive to our letters to Department components.

In addition, we remind you that whistleblower disclosures to Congress are protected by law and that we will not tolerate any effort to retaliate against whistleblowers for their disclosures.

Letter to Merrick Garland from Rep Jim Jordan

In short: The Attorney General of the United States lied to Congress, got away with it, and has not changed his actions or complied with Congressonal requests. The whistleblowers told Rep Jim Jordan that a “threat tag” actually was inserted on the files of the parents being investigated, and that even the “snitches” who reported their presence at board meetings said there didn’t seem to be a violation of anything. As we previously reported in November of 2021, “threat tags ” are normally reserved for actual terrorism investigations. Garland testified that the FBI was NOT investigating parents.

AG Garland is also under fire for failing to do anything about the leftists picketing at the homes of Supreme Court Justices in violation of the Federal code.

DC is full of liars, leakers, partisans, brain dead soulless people who do not represent the interests of Americans of any race, creed, or background.


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