Rep Dan Crenshaw,et al, Ask Navy to Review Treatment of Eddie Gallagher

By Faye Higbee

Eddie Gallagher, a decorated Navy SEAL veteran, is in confinement over charges of premeditated murder. His family has charged that he has been denied medical treatment, access to his lawyers, and has been given limited food while in the Brig at Miramar. His trial is not set to begin again until May 28. His family is livid. As Americans, we should be too. Texas Rep Dan Crenshaw, himself a Navy SEAL, is one of 17 other House Republicans who have sent a letter to SecNav Richard Spencer requesting a review of his treatment.

Eddie’s brother Sean has alleged that he has even been denied visits by his friends. What is going on?

The letter reads in part,

“Chief Gallagher is a decorated warfighter who, like all service members, is entitled to the presumption of innocence while awaiting court-martial… We have received reports that Chief Gallagher’s access to counsel and access to food and medical care may have been restricted. As a result, we respectfully request that you review the Navy policies governing pretrial confinement for Chief Gallagher and other service members to ensure compliance with the Uniform Code of Military Justice…

We therefore request that you review the underlying reasons for co-locating pretrial and post-trial confinees at Consolidated Brig Miramar and whether the current arrangement fundamentally disadvantages Chief Gallagher and other pre-trial service members… Furthermore, we request that you consider whether other locations are more appropriate for pretrial confinement.”

The letter is signed by Rep Dan Crenshaw (Texas), Mac Thornberry (Texas), Jim Jordan (Ohio), Kelly Armstrong (N. D.), Jim Banks (Ind.), Paul Cook (Calif.), Louie Gohmert (Texas), Paul Gosar (Ariz.), Jody Hice (Ga.), French Hill (Ark.), Brian Mast (Fla.), Ralph Norman (S.C.), Pete Olson (Texas), Guy Reschenthaler (Pa.), Austin Scott (Ga.), Greg Steube (Fla.), Van Taylor (Texas) and Michael Waltz (Fla.) according to Fox

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I miss my best friend ? Let my husband go and allow him to actually defend himself against these SHAMELESS allegations, rampant false narratives, and plots of lesser men to smear my husband and our family and children in the process. ? #FREEEDDIE • • It will be 9 MONTHS BEFORE my Husband gets his day in court and gets the ability to defend himself ?? • • Every Hero’s Journey has a backstory and you can find out more at ~ ?????? {Link in Bio?} • • Travesty of Justice and Mistreatment of an American Hero and his family! ?????????? ?INDEFINITELY DETAINED ?REPEATEDLY DENIED ACCESS TO MEDICAL TREATMENT ?LIMITED ACCESS TO ATTORNEYS ?HEROES FAMILY TERRORIZED & SLANDERED ?HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATIONS ?NO DUE PROCESS • • My husband was ambushed & ripped out of a holistic treatment program by NCIS which we waited a year to get into at NICoE Pendleton in preparation for his retirement in 2019 & has been locked away since September 11th 2018. • • In June 2018 our family home was laid siege by 20+ NCIS agents with assault rifles who dragged our boys into the streets in their underwear while my Husband was already in their custody – denied his legal council and I was not home ? • • Our RIGHTS ARE BEING STRIPPED AWAY BEFORE OUR EYES AMERICA⚠️???? • • My husband- Eddie Gallagher has fought in every major war since BEFORE 9/11 ??~ taking the FIGHT to enemies of AMERICA and fighting the war on TERROR for nearly 2 Decades- ?defending the SAFETY & FREEDOM of all Americans?? • • The nearly 20 year war our country has been waging has resulted in the most prosecutions of our war fighters in history ?? • • When our War Heroes have LESS rights than terrorists we have a CRISIS in AMERICA ??♥️?? #FREEEDDIE • • IT’S TIME ⏰ TO WAKE UP ? ? • • In a culture where lies & baseless accusations have become the norm – we as a family have felt compelled to speak out about the atrocities our family has faced at the hands of NCIS & the UCMJ. ?? We need change NOW ⏰ @realdonaldtrump #JUSTICEFORALL #PRISIONREFORMFORALL ? • #LLTRB #PrayForEddie #FREEDOM #UnitedWeStand #TeamGallagher #ImWithTheGallaghers

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It has taken a letter from Congress to get attention to his issue. Why? We have written about Eddie Gallagher previously, and there is no logical reason why he should be denied the basic rights entitled by any other prisoner in any portion of our legal system.

[Link to the Navy SEALs Fund – Brotherhood Beyond Battlefield.] The family has been struggling to pay the legal expenses and one company has already walked away from helping. As we receive more information on their fund-raising efforts, we will pass it along.

Every American should be outraged about the treatment this SEAL has received while in confinement. Should he have even been confined in the first place? The narratives pushed by the prosecution are damning, but his family asserts he is innocent. The Chief looks forward to his day in court to prove his innocence. He is being – once again- tried in the court of public opinion rather than by the trial court. Our legal system is broken.


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